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 Post subject: Winnings based on Gate
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:20 pm 

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So below is a Wall of Text describing a new system for calculating winnings. Basically it eliminates the Winnings roll and instead derives winnings from the Gate roll at the start: winner gets 2/3 of The Pot.

    • Makes extremely low (10k) winnings less likely
    • Gives fragile teams more winnings over time (House Share is lower when playing at Home)
    • Quicker recovery from bloody losses
    • New way to spend extra cash
    • Low-FF coaches benefit from playing high-FF coaches by means of extra winnings
    • Matches the fluff better
    • Winnings inflation as league FF rises can be counteracted by adjustment to Spiralling Expenses

    1. Both teams roll 2d6. Add all dice together and look up the result on the Fan Event Table.
    2. Take each separate 2d6 roll above and add the team's Fan Factor. This is the team's Gate.
    3. The team with the highest Gate gets +1 FAME for the match. If one team's Gate is more than twice as high as the other's, that team gets +2 FAME.
    4. Add the two Gates together. Multiply this number by 5,000 gold. This is the venue's total Revenue for the match.
    5. Look up the Home team's House Share in the roster box. Subtract this figure from Revenue to determine The Pot.
    6. You are ready to play the game. The winner will receive 2/3 of The Pot, and the loser takes the rest.

    7. The winner of the match receives 2/3 of The Pot, rounded to the nearest 5,000gp. The loser receives the remainder of The Pot.
    8. If the match resulted in a tie, each coach receives 5,000 gold plus half The Pot (rounded down to the nearest 5,000 gold).
    9. If winnings for either coach are less than 10,000 gold, the coach gets 10,000 gold.
    10. Add 10,000 gold per point of FAME.
    11. Look up Spiralling Expenses and subtract this figure from winnings. Winnings cannot go below zero.

Fan Event Table
2x2d6  Description
4-6   Promotion backfired! The fanbase is offended. Both teams lose 1 FF.
7-8   Family Matinee: When ball goes out of bounds, kids catch it and throw it back in. Roll d6 instead of 2d6 for throw-in distance.
9-19   Let's play Blood Bowl.
20-21   Management sells more tickets than seats, fighting breaks out. House takes an additional 30,000 gold for repairs.
22-24   SCANDAL! One of the Home Team's players was involved in an off-field personal indiscretion. Fans show up in droves to taunt him. Both teams get +1 FAME.

House Share
40   Elf, Wood Elf, Skaven, Halfling
45   Dark Elf, High Elf, Slann, Underworld
50   Human, Norse, Amazon, Lizardman, Vampire, Goblin, Ogre
55   Necromantic, Undead, Khemri, Orc, Dwarf
60   Nurgle, Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Pact

Other Rules
    • All teams start with Fan Factor 5 for free
    • Fan Factor cannot be purchased at team creation
    • Fan Factor does not count toward Team Value
    • Teams can artificially increase Fan Factor by spending cash on Promotion during the Post-Match Sequence. Promotion costs 10,000 x new FF value. For example to increase Fan Factor from 8 to 9, management would spend 90,000 gold. To increase from 8 to 10, management would spend 190,000 gold.
    • New Inducement: Rig the Book (100k): In exchange for declining the House’s offers to even-up the match, the House gives the underdog team a cut of the Book. For every 100k in Inducements spent, the team receives +10,000 gold at the end of the match (after Spiralling Expenses are paid).
    • Bank Rule at 200,000 gold
    • Spiralling Expenses may have to be increased, or start at a lower level of TV, to compensate for inflationary effect of FF on winnings.

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