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 Post subject: MVP Elligiblity
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:11 pm 

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Discussion in my league and has moved to FB:
Can a player who is missing the current game due to MNG be nominated for the MVP?
Deathzone p. 21 wrote:
Most Valuable Player (MVP): At the end of the match, each coach nominates three players from their team and rolls a D3 to choose one at random.

Deathzone p. 20 wrote:
Miss Next Game: . . . The player cannot take part in the next match.

Deathzone p. 22 wrote:
Work out the value of each team . . . Do not include the value of . . . any players that will be forced to miss their next match due to injury.

MVP is awarded in post-match sequence. It is not during the match.

Nobody minds:
A player can sit on the bench the entire game and get the mvp.
A player can get KOed from a rock on kickoff, never wake up all game, and get the mvp.

But some mind:
An injured player that is on the sidelines, in a cast, all game and gets the mvp.

Other than personal preference, "it must be intended as . . .," or "it used to be . . .," can anyone provide a rules reason from BB2016 why the MNG player can not get the MVP?


 Post subject: Re: MVP Elligiblity
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:43 am 
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CRP specifically said "who was eligible for the match" (i.e. wasn't MNG).
I expect this is just another example of the poor/non-existent proof reading that went into BB2016 rather than a deliberate change.

If it was a deliberate change then meh'...

I think you need to decide for yourself if it was a mistake or deliberate (until when/if it's clarified).
If you decide it was a mistake you need to decide whether, as a league, you play to the rules as written or to the intention.
If you think it was deliberate, then you need to decide whether to play that way or the old way.

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