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 Post subject: Match events
 Post Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:41 pm 

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There should be some questions about match events because there's quite a few of them and they're not always perfectly described.

For instance:

Any player wishing to move more than five squares during an action must make a Go For It roll for each additional square. For example, a player with MA 7 could move up to five spaces normally, then up to four spaces by Going For It (two remaining squares of their MA, plus the two Go For It attempts that are normally allowed). In addition, Long Passes and Long Bombs may not be attempted, and the Hail Mary Pass skill may not be used.

Does this last the entire game? While some match events can be quite fun, this made the previous game into an instant draw where no team had any reasonable chance to score or win. We ruled it as lasting the rest of the match. But it has such a high impact, perhaps it should be ruled as only lasting 1 turn for both players?

Any other match events that have such a high impact on the game?

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