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 Post subject: DZ2: Famous Referees - Thoren Korensson
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:47 pm 
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Not sure how the Strict Discipline rule for Thoren should be interpreted.
Strict Discipline wrote:
If a player commits a foul and a double is not rolled for the Armour roll or Injury roll, roll a D6. On a 1 or 2, the foul is seen by Korensson and the player sent off. If a bribe is used to prevent the player being sent off, or a head coach argues the call and the result of the bribe or Head Coach roll is 1, the player is sent off, as well as another randomly determined player on the same team...

My reading of this is that the risk of an additional sending off only applies when a 1 or a 2 is rolled following the foul. If the fouling player is sent off due to a double on Armour or Injury then bribes and Argue the Call can be used without any additional risk. Just wanted to check that was how others interpreted it.
Strict Discipline wrote:
...The coach can attempt to argue the call or use a bribe again to save the second player...

Under normal rules, if a 1 had been rolled for Argue the Call for the first player, then the Head Coach would be off too and unable to Argue the Call for the second player. Is this a specific exception to that rule, or is it just covering cases where a bribe was used on the first player and the Head Coach is still available?

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