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 Post subject: Re: (Un-)Living NecroTacticum: Necros vs the world of Blood
 Post Posted: Fri May 12, 2017 10:10 pm 
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For league play I would suggest starting with the one wolf and 3 RRs. Obviously you save money that way: reroll at start+ww later = 190k, ww at start + reroll later = 260k. But also important is the question of how many non-block/frenzy players you really need - especially if you are only using 2 RRs. Remember 1/9 non-block 2D blocks fail....

In my last league I went with the 1 WW/3 RR build and had my WW killed on in my first game by a throw rock (really nuffle?!?). Interestingly I still did well (though having only 2 players with mv>4 and ag>2 was rough).

As for the Zombies, I would give them block when your opponents are below TV1250 or so, and then switch to wrestle. At low TV block is superior to wrestle for every player. As time goes on though, and the majority of your opponents' players get block though, wrestle becomes ever better....and it doesn't fit well on most of your other players. When that Chaos Warrior with block/MB/guard/SF/etc/etc rolls double down against you you'll take him out play for 2 turns - turn one he stands up and is marked by your zombie...turn 2 he has to block your zombie again.

In the mid term, I think this is a reasonable build target for a necro team...

WW: Block, Dodge, SS
WW: Block, Dodge, MB
Wight: Guard, Dodge, SF
Wight: Guard, Tackle, MB
Ghoul: +AG, Block, SH
Ghoul: Wrestle, Tackle, SS
FG: Block, Guard
FG: Block, Guard
Z: Wrestle
Z: Rookie x3
3 RR
6 FF
24 skills, 2 doubles, one +AG - so this would be a somewhat unlucky set of skill results. Doubles are critical on the WWs - ideally you want MB and PO on one of them. Doubles are good on wights for Dodge, though not as important. +AG on at least one player to be the ball carrier is helpful. +MV on a WW can make them a one turner (with SS)...but be careful about turning your WWs into something other then blitzers as it can weaken the team overall.

 Post subject: Re: (Un-)Living NecroTacticum: Necros vs the world of Blood
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:42 pm 

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Horses for courses, but next time I start a fresh necro team I'll get to three rerolls by not bothering with one or both of the golems. 2 wolves and 2 wights are always going to be on my starting rosters!

And I've got past my earlier feeling that the zombies were fragile. When I was trying to save funds for full propositionals money was tight and I felt their loss. But after the first ~5 games that ceases to apply (unfortunate casualties not withstanding) and I'm happy to use and abuse them until they break, them just buy more.

 Post subject: Experiment and latest recommendations
 Post Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:57 pm 
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Started two Necromancer teams, one with and one without golems (one with had two wolves and one each wight and ghoul)....

The two teams posted the same record, over six games,,,, The huge difference: the team with golems gained full positionals while having a higher TV and treasury, while the golemless team was less TV and never made enough scratch to buy the first golem.... So I am sold on starting with five zeds and all positionals minus one wight and one ghoul....

In other news, The Professor took a guardianless Khemri against my Nurgles (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) in our "putrid" version of the Detroit - Minnesota Turkey Bowl.... True to life, it was a sad 1-1 tie.... :roll:

LRB6/Icepelt Edition: Ah!, when Blood Bowl made sense....
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