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What starting grid would you advice?
Poll ended at Wed May 03, 2017 1:47 pm
2 TRR 2 BC, 6 CDB 27%  27%  [ 3 ]
3 TRR 2 BC, 5 CDB 64%  64%  [ 7 ]
alternative (specify below) 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
pie 9%  9%  [ 1 ]
Minotaur variant 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 11
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 Post subject: Chaos Dwarves short TT League
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:47 pm 
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I don't want to come over a a douche but I was searching the internet fora and I didn't find any recent discussions on the Chaos Dwarves.
So that is why I have created a new one :D

My OP has become a long read so, TLDR: in a short (11 game) TT league (mainly bash) what starting grid for Chorfs do you prefer and why? Secondary, do you have some defensive set-up tips?

So here is my situation: We just finished up our last local TT league (8 games) and I didn't do too bad with Vampires (with NTBB 2015Rules). I did choose Vampires to have a challenge but I have noticed that they only come into their strength after the 5th game. So I feel that I am not going for a 'slow starter' team but not for a strong starter either as I don't want to crush the hopes of our new players.

So I have chosen Chaos Dwarves, I didn't play them since LRB4 as I'm not a fan of CPOMB spam. With 2016 edition, this is out of the window.
They are also a decent starting team, blockwise and are more slow on their ball-handling skills and the bulls need 2 skills before becoming reliable blitzers.

The league comprises 12 teams: 4x Orcs (3 new), 2 Humans (n), Skaven (n), Dwarves (n), Slann, Norse and Lizardmen. So I'm not that bad off with Chorfs.
My estimate is that I'll need some luck vs the Orcs and dwarves in order not to get out bashed. I'll have some squishy players on the pitch, while they typically don't. With skaven and lizardmen it comes down to have good positioning so they don't run circles around me.
The other races should be attacked by 2-1 grind strategy, I reckon.

Now the big issue for me: picking the right starting grid, with only 11 games before play-offs, there is no room for errors.
With the new MVP rule, I feel confident playing Chorfs as now I have a more reliable way to feed the BC's some SPP and to make sure those CDB's get to guard or MB faster.

So this makes me incline to the 2 TRR variant:
2 BC, 6 CDB, 3 Hobo's and 1 Apoth
2 TRR and 10k in the bank.

Abbreviations clarification: BC= Bull Centaur, CDB: Chaos Dwarf Blocker, Hobo: Hobgoblin Runner, TRR: Team Re-Roll

I'm mostly concerned about the lack of TRR and some decent ball handling. So my strategy would be to aim for Sure Hands first on a Hobo, over my preferred Kick.
Also because saving up for the 3rd TRR can be quite long as I would like to have a 4th Hobo to mitigate their squishiness.

The alternative roster is the 3 TRR one:
2BC, 5 CDB, 4 Hobo's
3 TRR and 20k in the bank.
This roster has more TRR but is more squishy and on top of that lacks the apoth. Which in theory shouldn't be bad but with some bad luck I don't get to buy the apoth and something terrible happens to a CDB or BC and my chances to advance to the play-offs are seriously hampered.

General Strategy
Since it has been a while, since I played with Chaos Dwarves. I would like to to verify some strategic important issues.
On defence vs slower side I can set up with the boat to be able to protect the most important and squishy players, right?
Vs faster sides I need to set up with a Ziggurat (or variant) set up to prevent any actual breakthrough.
- - -|- - B H B - -|- - -
- - -|- - - - - - -|- - -
- - B|- B - - - B -|B - -
- H -|T - - - - - T|- H -

B= CDB; H= Hobo; T= Bull CenTaur

This does leaves the Hobo's in the wide zones as primary targets but the BC can operate as effective sweepers as they are more difficult to mark.
On the other had if you would place the BC's in the wide-zones the opponent is forced to try to break trough in the middle and that should be a little more easy to contain. Would you consider an inverted Ziggurat, with the CDB one square further to the side-lines? I think that they can be forced to easily to the sideline on the side which is attacked. The CDB in the other widezone will have to GFI to be able to help hold the line. So that is why I wouldn't like to do that, unless I would have Standfirm.

On offence I have experienced that I should set-up wide enough to create a loose cage wherever the ball lands, as it is not guaranteed that I will be able to pick it up. So that would mean to forgo some blocks on the LoS vs more mobile teams and have a strong line vs more Bashy sides.


 Post subject: Re: Chaos Dwarves short TT League
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:06 pm 
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I'd start with the 3 TRRs option whatever environment (it's how I start my CD teams).

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 Post subject: Re: Chaos Dwarves short TT League
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:40 pm 
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The 3 rr option because you'll be able to afford a final CD before you can afford the extra reroll. He may be a skill behind the others but that's ok because he's pretty good even as a rookie and once you have 2 or 3 blockers with Guard you're basically sorted anyway.

Probably the biggest call is whether to get the Apo before or after the CD.

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 Post subject: Re: Chaos Dwarves short TT League
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:13 am 
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Especially now with the 3MVP rule.

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