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 Post subject: Re: Chaos Corundum...
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:29 am 
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First thought is that you should've gone +ST and Kick for your BM last time around ;)
Krox and lead skink look ace, which will be problematic for you. Considering his TV, I'd pick at least one additional skink, if I were your opponent.

Given the opponent's roster, you can't be placid on defence now. A +AG, +MV skink will just waltz through your lines when it wants to. The biggest thing I note in the other guy's roster is the lack of break tackle. This isn't the biggest hindrance in the world (you can use rolling saurus to free each other up and he has the ST advantage and enough block), but where you can exploit the lack of break tackle is by targeting the skinks (if you can freeze the saurus suitably and pull them out of position). The most annoying thing for me when playing lizards is a lack of skinks. Frustration creeps in when Saurus disappear, true, but given his high strength that could be challenging to achieve.

Edit: Just noticed you providing similar sounding advice on the rookie Undead thread against Lizards. Its all the same, just more important to take the skinks out, because there's one who does everything on a 2+ (which is pretty much playing bloodbowl on auto pilot (having had a +AG, block skink for a period in a fumbbl league))

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 Post subject: Re: Chaos Corundum...
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:30 pm 
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My opponent ended up buying a wizard and winning the kick.

He scored an easy 3 turn TD Ko'ing two of my guys that would stay out for a while.

On my receive I started a drive up the left wing since he left a gap, but a wizard and a 1D block let him get the ball and run away.

I started to get results from the attrition war at this point but he scored his second TD on turn 7.

Two turns wasn't enough to score, but at the half it was 8 players for me and 6 for him.

He got a deep kick and a blitz on my receive to start the second half, but I managed to score on turn 12 or 13.

Kicking it was 8 for me against 4 for him. But the kick went deep (my kicker was injured) and he managed to hide in a corner of his end zone on T14 with a skink behind the ST6, SF Krox. On T15 I double skulled a block on the Krox (stunning one of my guys) and on T16 I rolled a push reroll push on the Krox follow up a skull on my next block to lose the game.

I was about as close as the game could have gotten, but obviously it was disappointing to have a large player advantage and not be able to capitalize.

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