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Ogres nubar'd enuff?
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Author:  Digger Goreman [ Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Ogres nubar'd enuff?

My first attempt at an Ogre team (table top, perpetual league, tv matching, lrb6) is predictably failing... But that's Ogres.... Injuries and dismal winnings are driving this team into the crapper as surely as the unfathomable spate of one's and pure spite from the kickoff table.... Yet we soldier on.... In just 5 games I've lost an Ogre to death and just had another niggled.... Total winnings have been a mere 120k with 50 spent on an Apothecary.


The Professor wants me to reset....

Constructively, what would you do with the following:

Snot +ma, sprint, 20spp
Snot Diving Catch 9spp
4 rookie snots
2 Journey snots
Ogre 4 spp
Ogre break tackle, 9 spp
Ogre block, MNG, Niggle, 9 spp
Ogre 0 spp

2 rerolls
1 ff
TV 87
Treasury 70k

Author:  swilhelm73 [ Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ogres nubar'd enuff?

Honestly I'd restart

Author:  Omalley69 [ Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ogres nubar'd enuff?

Well one of your ogres are 2 spp from a level up.
And on average your should be able to buy an ogre after 2 games (30+40k winnings)
Its unfortunate to get niggling on the block ogre but thats that.
Im currently somewhat 16 games with an ogre roster and only got -1 ag and -1 av.

Author:  Digger Goreman [ Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ogres nubar'd enuff?

Stubbornly stuck with them for what I thought would be their swan song game. Tied a game I could have won (failed gfi to the end zone, dropped hand off in end zone) vs an all linemen human team with a few skills.... My break tackle ogre even scored a td! So I am building two SF + BT ogres.... The current team :

Snot +ma, sprint, 20spp
Snot Diving Catch 12spp
4 rookie snots
1 Journey snot
Ogre Break Tackle 9 spp
Ogre break tackle, 12 spp
Ogre block, Niggle, 9 spp
Ogre 0 spp

2 rerolls
2 ff
TV 103
Treasury 120k

Author:  Omalley69 [ Mon Aug 14, 2017 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ogres nubar'd enuff?

If your going with a ball carrier breaktackle ogre. I think id rather have grab or guard on him than stand firm.
Grab to more easily blitz himself free. Guard to help remove marking players.

Author:  Optimus Prime [ Tue Sep 05, 2017 3:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ogres nubar'd enuff?

a bit late to the party here..

the team is actually pretty good starting wise tho, you have not had the winnings to back up the team in order to rebuild, but its not completely lost...Here are some options for you... if you were are going to restart i would get at least 3 or 4 rerolls and heres why, rerolls cannot die unless a master chef is around and not many people have them...

i would go with 4 ogres and then just try and save best you can, the best build is 4 or 3 rerolls and an apoth ya kinda need them...

Since you stuck with the team here are some cool options...

the block niggle you can work with solid ogre a niggle is ok as they gotta get thru armor first so hes still ok better to have that than a -1 av -1 st or -1 mv the -ag you can also live with...
but i would cut him if i had the money to get a new ogre but if i don,t i would keep him maybe natural selection will take care of him...

you gotta get a pass ogre, that at some stage and build some attacking snot throwing weapons for scoring i like a pass ogre followed by strong arm... just adds the little x factor and keeps ya rerolls on the landing. if you roll doubles on an ogre get block and frenzy or tackle or just spam out on BT and Guard for normals, thats how i start and build the team around my snots yeah they die but if you build attacking snots it makes the games alot closer i like catch first sure feet and then sprint so i build a team of rerolls so i am not wasting the team rerolls on normal movement crap, i have one built in. especially for the hand off...
Also ag snot are gold build them as snot ball hunters and snots to be thrown, thats how i build my ogres i also build a few Diving tackle to kinda throw at the opposition to keep the elves in place if you can get 2 of them on a ball carrier they become nightmares and the ogres can slowly get to the ball carrier

anyway hope ya having fun o love them and you can get wins just takes a lot of time

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