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 Post subject: Re: NAF Team Challenge - NAF / FUMBBL
 Post Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 10:26 am 
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Ex-Mega Star, now just a Super Star
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He we go, then! The final is drawn and is underway. But what happened in the semis?

Semi Finals

(1) Team Hellhound 2-4-0 Team Fantastic (3)

Top seeds going into the playoff, Hellhound (Coach / team quoted in order of fixture: Jokaero / DE, Kithor / Dwa, madmatt13 / Nec, Candlejack / Und, Strider84 / WE and Oventa / Vam) shut out Team Fantastic (Relezite / Nec, PeteW / CD, Wreckage / Sla , Malthor / DE, Endzone / WE, JimmyFantastic / Hum) 2/4/0 W/D/L. Whilst it was close, that '0' will be pleasing for Hellhound as they advance to the final, and it is no mean feat overcoming the Fantastic ones. The crucial victories came in the WE v WE game between the captains and in Dwarf V Chaos Dwarf action, as Strider and Kithor overcame Endzone and PeteW, respectively.

(2) Waterbowl Eurofriends 1-4-1 Joe le Taxi (4)

It could not have been any closer, but the reign of online NAF team champions Joe le Taxi came to an end in the semi final, as the Waterbowl squeaked through on seeding alone. JlT (felix_le / Pact, Nathaniel_FR / CD, Simon_MLF / WE, Bucks / Ama, geggster / Dwa, azzroag / Und) fought gamely with Bucks overcoming Barney_the_Lurker's Vampires, but the Waterbowl (Ulrik / Liz, nippylongskar / Elf, KFoged / WE, Barney_the_Lurker / Vam, lauth81 / Nec, mubo / Und) held firm. KFoged overcame Simon_MLF in a Woodie off to keep the scores level, and when the captains azzroag and mubo fought a 1-1 tie, the fixture went down to seeding. No disgrace for JlT, and they give up their crown without being beaten in the knockout phase. A great defence!

The Final

And so, it all comes down to this.

(1) Team Hellhound v Waterbowl Eurofriends (2)

The top two seeds will fight for the NTC crown over six games. Both sides are well versed in top level competition, both are packed full of top tier coaches... Both feature Vampires! Those all important fixtures:

Strider84 / WE v mubo / Und (Captains)
Jokaero / DE v lauth81 / Nec
Oventa / Vam v Ulrik / Liz
Kithor / Dwa v Barney_the_Lurker / Vam
Candlejack / Und v KFoged / WE
maddmatt13 / Nec v nippylongskar / Elf

So, there we have it. Any armchair pundits want to pick a winner? Who has the fixture list favoured? Will we have a winner, or will the fixture between the skippers or seeding win the day?

Exciting times! For those of you awaiting the next Online NAF action, our collaboration with the excellent Spike! Magazine trophy gathers pace behind the scenes. We'll be back to individual Blood Bowling action with physical prize goodness, and provisionally we're looking at a June 27 kickoff. Expect much more information soon!


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