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 Post subject: Re: Hard6 Superbowl I - and why not NAF?
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:53 pm 
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Jip wrote:
I've only been to three tournaments (CakeBowl, Gertbowl and The Elflympic Games), so far, but I'm really glad the vibe at those tournaments didn't match the vibe on some of these threads. Whether passive-aggressively, or directly, challenging organisers, it really misrepresents the community to newcomers - like me.

As a new player, I bet there are some other new folk that shy away from a tournament because of comments on its thread (often by people not even intending to attend it, anyway), because they expect players at the event to have that same attitude on the day.

The real sad thing is, for me, the reality couldn't be further from the truth. My experience at tournaments has been impeccable, other than Glowworm shouting at me for how long I allegedly take to finish a game. if I'd gone by the threads organising them as an indicator though, I'm not 100% I'd have attended them to experience that. If little Jimmy (why are they always called Jimmy? Why does little Barnaby never do anything?) read conversations like the Elflympics or QuidditchBowl threads, he'd probably put his new humans back in the box.

It must be a thankless task working for NAF and organising tournaments, fair play and good luck to anyone that attempts to do either or, for those crazy enough, both! :lol:

TFF is a Blood Bowl reliquary. Until recently there hasn't been anything new to discuss for the best part of a decade. What little content does trickle through the forum is relentlessly picked over by a clique of frustrated old buggers whose only remaining gratification stems from a misplaced sense of ownership and entitlement. I find it utterly fascinating to be honest, I haven't seen anything like it since the early Linux user forums. Unfortunately there isn't anywhere much better to go if you actually want to talk about Blood Bowl online.

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