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 Post subject: Heartland Heartbreak Bowl 3/4/17 Kansas City
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:12 pm 

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Tournament Organizer: Joe Roberts

Tournament Rules:

NAF sanctioned tournament

Games will be played using the standard NAF 2017 rules. ... sFeb17.pdf


• Illegal procedure will not be in effect.

• Turns will not be timed unless coaches prefer otherwise. Discuss this with your opponent before each match begins. The tournament organizer (TO) may require timers for players consistently going over the allotted round lengths.

Cost: $10/per coach

Each coach is expected to bring the following to compete in the Heartland Heartbreak Bowl:

• 4 copies of their team roster (see “Roster Creation” below)

• Block Dice and a d8

• Their team & players, each appropriately numbered with easily distinguished positions. Unpainted models will be allowed, but painted teams are preferred

• A pitch and dug outs (not required, but if you have a pitch/dug outs please bring them with you to ensure we have enough!)

Tournament Format:

This will be a 3 game swiss style resurrection tournament. Opponents will be selected randomly for Round 1. Rounds 2 and 3 will be selected using Swiss pairing (most points vs. most points, lowest points vs. lowest points, etc.)


9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., Registration

9:30 a.m. – 11:45 p.m., First Round

11:45 p.m. – 12:45 p.m., Lunch Break

12:45 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., Second Round

3:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., Third Round

5:45 p.m. Awards Ceremony

Roster Creation:

You may choose any of the 24 NAF sanctioned teams.

• The teams considered Stunty are: Halfings, Ogres, Goblins, Lizardmen without Sauri, and Underworld without Skaven. All star players for the listed races are legal for play.

• You are given 1.1 million gold to construct your roster.

• You are given 150k to spend on skills as you wish. Stunty teams are given an additional 50k. The following restrictions apply:

 No player may be given more than two additional skills.

 No more than 4 players may be given the same skill.

 No extraordinary skills may be taken.

 No stat increases may be taken.

 Star players may not be given any skills or stat increases.

• Inducements may be purchased during team creation. These inducements are considered a permanent part of the team and can be used each game.

• Wizards, Special Play Cards, and Unlimited Mercenaries may NOT be purchased however.

• You must have at least 11 players on your roster.

• Star players may be part of the 11 required players.

• Grak and Crumbleberry are not allowed

• Opposing teams may have the same star player, contrary to the rule book.


+20 points for each win

+10 points for each draw

0 points for each loss

+ 1 point per casualty

+ 2 points for each touchdown scored

+ 2 points for shutting out your opponent (your opponent did not score any touchdowns)

All casualties, regardless of how they were inflicted, will count other than from a dodge.

Glittering Prizes:

No coach may win more than one prize except by extreme circumstances decided upon by the TO.

• 1st Place – Team with the most tournament points.

• 2nd Place – Team with the second most tournament points.

• Most violent – Team that scored the most points from causing casualties.

• Most Touchdowns – Team that scored the most touchdowns.

• Nice Guy Award – Team that score the least tournament points.

In case of a tie for 1st or 2nd place, the tie breakers in order will be:

• Head to head if possible

• Most wins

• TD+Cas differential

• If still tied?...geez…its Blood Bowl…you know what to do.

How to Register:

Email Joe at with the following information:

• Your intention to participate

• What team you'll be using, and a copy of your roster.

• How many regular and double skills were chosen.

• All skill selections should be depicted in bold if possible.

• An excellent Excel roster sheet can be found here.

Kick-Off Result

2 Loving Embrace: The ref understands that this time of year the players are even more loving than usual and allows the love to “flow” appropriately.

No players will be sent off for fouling until a casualty has been caused by a foul or the drive ends. Once a casualty has been caused all normal fouling rules apply. Secret Weapons still function as normal.

3 … THE FLOWERS!!! The ref has a hot date tonight and just realized he forgot to pick up flowers. Roll a D3 to decide how much time he needs to make up to grab them on the way over.

Roll a D3 and move your turn marker forward appropriately. 1: 0 Turns, 2: 1 Turn, 3: 2 Turns. If this event would end the half for either team, both teams move their turn marker to 7 and each receive their final turn.

4 Came to play: The kicking team really came to play and isn’t distracted by everything else going on.

The kicking team’s coach may reorganize his players – in other words he can set them up again into another legal defense. The receiving team must remain in the set-up chosen by their coach.

5 Love is in the air: Like literally! Somehow a pink gas cloud has formed and is hovering over the pitch.

The gas cloud causes the ball to move slowly while in it. Allowing a player on the receiving team time to move into the perfect position to catch it. Any one player on the receiving team who is not in an opposing player’s tackle zone may be moved into the square where the ball will land no matter what their MA may be, as long as the square is unoccupied.

6 Dat Outfit Though… The Cheerleaders have ditched their normal uniforms for something more festive they picked up at Victorian Sacrifice and really have the players excited.

Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team’s FAME and the number of cheerleaders on their team to the score. The team with the highest score gains a re-roll this half. If both teams have the same score, both teams gain a re-roll.

7 Weather Update: Mawllie Killiams weather reporter for “The 17th Turn” is down on the sideline with a weather update.

Make a new roll on the Weather table. Apply the new Weather roll. If the new Weather roll was a ‘Nice’ result, then a gentle gust of wind makes the ball scatter one extra square in a random direction before landing. If the resulting change in weather is Pouring Rain, the receiving teams coach is to stand up and exclaim loudly “IT’S GUNNA RAIN BLOOD!!!” If they do not however, their opponent gains a re-roll this half.

8 We’re on to Reikland: Among the current festivities, as well as the chaos that ensures on a daily basis. The coach has kept his eye on the prize and has prepared well for the match.

Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team’s FAME and the number of assistant coaches on their team to the score. The team with the highest score gains a re-roll this half. If both teams have the same score, both teams gain a re-roll.

9 I just want to be close to you: The players of the offense just want to get a little closer to their opponents.

All of the players on the receiving team are allowed to move one square. This is a free move and may be made into any adjacent empty square, ignoring tackle zones. It may be used to enter the opposing half of the pitch.

10 Oh no they didn’t!!! While waiting for play to resume, one of the players looks up in the stands and see’s their current love interest cheating with an opposing team fan!

Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team’s FAME. Select a random player for the coach that won the roll. For the remainder of the drive that player becomes enraged and gains the Frenzy skill. Roll a D6 for the same player, on a 6 it turns out it’s not a fan but an opposing teams reserve player! The player gains Mighty Blow in addition to Frenzy.

11 Goo Goo Eyes: It’s this time of year even the players start falling for one another!!!

Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team’s FAME. Select a random player for the coach that won the roll. For the remainder of the drive that player for whatever reason is so entrancing to the opposing team that they gain the Hypnoticgaze skill. However, if they would ever fail the Hypnoticgaze roll. The player that the gaze was attempted upon gains Hypnoticgaze and the player who had it loses it as they ran into someone even more entrancing than themselves.

12 Passionate Fans: One way or another a group of “passionate fans” have made their way down to the sidelines and are showing their “talents” to the players.

For the remainder of this drive any player that would begin their action in either wide zone must make a Bone-Head roll. On a 2+ they may take their action normally. On a 1+ they are otherwise preoccupied with what is happening on the sidelines and is considered Bone-Head.

 Post subject: Re: Heartland Heartbreak Bowl 3/4/17 Kansas City
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:52 pm 
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Wish I could make it up to visit some family while I was there. Give more notice next year and I'll try to make it work!

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