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 Post subject: OBBLM - some help needed for the League of Rodents.
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:34 am 
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After 10 seasons of "oldskool" paper/excell-managment, we're looking to OBBLM to go digital from season XI. That's still some weeks away, so we have time to get everything correct before we get it started.

We'll be using the NAF-hosted version of the software.

I've been able to register, and set up the league. I've understood that within that league each "season" is best covered as a "division", and within that division a tournament has to be created to create the matches. Correct? Or is the division-level unnecessary?

Two questions already came up:
1) our league uses a different points system: (4pts for a "big win" (more than 2TD's margin), 3pts for a small win (only 1TD margin), 2pts for a draw, 1pt for a small loss, 0pts for a big loss). Can I add this somewhere? Since it's not in the standard options given. And could somebody translate this in code?

2) our season is played in a single round robin followed by play-offs for the top teams. How should we best handle this? First a tournament "season" and then another tournament for the "playoffs"? Can a single team play in two tournaments? Also: the play-offs handle a knock-out system with fixed matches: can this be done in obblm?


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 Post subject: Re: OBBLM - some help needed for the League of Rodents.
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:26 am 
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1) One significant limitation of OBBLM scoring is that it looks over a whole tournament to work out the score so it can't differentiate between big and small wins in individual matches (because it can't tell where the TDs came from).

What a lot of people do in these circumstances is to set OBBLM up for the "small" win but include "Sportmanship" points in the score. That way, if yolu get a big win, you put 1 in the sportmanship points box to up your score. Means they can't be used for anything else though. Sportmanship points can't be negative and can't be higher than 127.

2) Basically yes to everything!
Divisions are necessary only in that they are not optional in the software. If you end up wanting to run a rookie league or perpetual league for instance it can be a useful separation (although you could probably manage all that at the Tournament level if you really wanted). "Leagues", "Divisions" and "Tournaments" seem to be mostly about scoring teams and players. If you want to see the player with the most Completions for This Season/This League/All Time then you need all three levels of aggregation. What is counterintuitive is that, in this example, your season would be a "Tournament", your league would be a "Division" and all time would be a "League"!

I think the neatest way is with two Tournaments for season and play-offs respectively. OBBLM can handle knock-outs only in that you can have the Commish manually schedule matches based on who wins.

One word of caution is over "Division Ties" which limit teams to scheduling matches within only one division. Although it sounds like it might simplify things, I don't think you can change your mind down the road without messing around in the database, so I would leave it unchecked. Tournaments are always "untied".

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