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 Post subject: Warhammer World Blood Bowl tournament up! Khemri Inbound.
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:29 pm 

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So the new tournament is up, and it apparently has a special play card you get and can play once over the weekend. We don't know what it does, but we know that it is called 'Full beard'.

I am contemplating doing a Khemri team, since absolutely nobody took it for the last tournament.

The problem I find is that Khemri is really, really, irredeemably bad. I have the inkling of an idea involving a Halfling master chef and Ramtut, but that's 680, 000 and I'd still need 10 more players. That means giving up some Tomb Guard, which are the only things that let you control the board - Which is, in turn, the only thing Khemri do that are worth anything.

I am going to give it some thought. You could drop the Tomb Guard entirely and take Ithaca Benoin and some Blitz Ras, but that would result in the exact same price as the Tomb Guard and give you a team spectacularly worse than similar teams that is significantly better than Khemri at what it's bad at, and significantly worse than Khemri at what little Khemri does well.

Alternately, I could just take a 100 TV starting roster and throw on a Halfling Master Chef. At that point, they're just going to put a lineman next to my Tomb Guard so I can't break away and attack their ball carrier. But it -does- put pressure on their rerolls.

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