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 Post subject: Warhammer Quest Silver Tower
 Post Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 11:51 am 
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The updated version of Warhammer Quest is now available for pre-order. You get 51 models for £95, $150 US or 125 Euros, so not a terrible deal. The models look to be compatible with AoS some already have equivalents and there are supposed to be rules coming for the others too.

As with most new releases my first thought is the potential for Blood Bowl conversions.

Fyreslayer - not a huge fan of this model, he looks pretty similar to the normal ones who are not great either. Could be used as Grim or a normal slayer but would need some work to remove the weapons.
Darkoath Chieftain - I really like this guy, sadly he doesn't fit any Blood Bowl players that well. He could be used as a norse berserker or possibly as a chaos warrior if some extra armour was added. One idea would be to use him as Borak with some extra armour and holding a helmet under his right arm.
Excelsior Warpriest - cloaks and robes don't suit Blood Bowl, so maybe use him as a wizard or coach.
Knight-Questor - These guys are a bit bland and all kind of look the same, maybe use him as Zug but not much potential.
Mistweaver Saih - I really like this model, but again robes don't work on the pitch. Maybe a leg swap with a harlequin, or she could be used as a wizard.
Tenebral Shard - Another cool looking model, he'd be ideal for use as a wardancer or especially as Jordell. Another alternative is to use him as Horkon.

There's quite a varied selection of opponents in the box.
2 Skaven Deathrunners - These certainly come with prehensile tails so they'd need to be cut down a bit. But he'd be ideal as Skitter or with some extra armour he could be used as Glart.
8 Grot Scuttlings - I like the idea of these, just not the way they were done, would have preferred spider bodies. Could work as underworld goblins.
2 Pink Horrors, 4 Blue Horrors - Not much use for these guys, maybe as marauders in a pact team?

The best prospect for me is a Tzeentch themed chaos team.
Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch - Head coach/team wizard
8 Chaos Familiars - assistant coaches?
4 pairs of Brimstone Horrors - Cheerleaders by adding tiny fiery pompoms?
8 Kairic Acolytes - These could be the warriors by adding some armour, chaos marauders in a pact team or even beastmen since they have horns, maybe give them some feathers as well?
6 Tzaangors - Only 6 of them means you'd need an extra set to use them as beastmen, alternatively add some armour and use them as the warriors.
Ogroid Thaumaturge - he'd be a great Minotaur or ogre, he's pretty large but should be ok on the bigger pitch when that arrives.

Another idea would be to make a Tzeentch team based on the nurgle template, acolytes as the 0-16 choice, 0-4 Tzaangors, Ogroid Thaumaturge big guy and then 0-4 warriors using some of the classic Tzeentch champions.

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