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Hobgoblin Team (Tier 1,5)
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Author:  Bakunin [ Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hobgoblin Team (Tier 1)

JaM wrote:
Bakunin wrote:
I see no point in adding new teams, if they are not tier 1 or tier 1,5.

Funny, I see no point in adding teams that ARE tier 1 or 1,5.

Game balance is hard as it is, espescially in BBowl. And the lower teams add more fun to the game IMHO. I mean, why so serious..? :)
But I'd love to see a hobgoblin team with indeed a lonely troll.

It's an easy game to screw up, just wait and see what GW will come up with.

I think that my point was, that blood bowl dont really need more 'bad-funny' teams. I think new teams should challenge the very good tier 1 teams without being OP in anyway (Hobgoblins, Brets etc, are not better then woodelfs). Or make new teams that challenge coachs to play differently. I think the Hobgoblin roster I co-designed do that. With the very rare seen skills of 'sneaky git', 'stab' and especially 'shadowing', this team feels distinct and plays different, for and against. Is that to serious?

But I'd love to see a tier 2/3 Squig Herder team.

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