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 Post subject: Draft League
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:12 pm 

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The Cedar Rapids Blood Bowl League decided to do a special off season league between our "competitive" seasons. For this we decided to do a draft league where each coach would draft a player type like War Dancer or Gutter Runner and then build a team from that draft. These are the rules we settled on,

"Each draft team will have 4 slots. Each slot can be filled with a player type.
The player types are Big Guy, Blitzer, Blocker, Catcher, Thrower, Lineman, Secret Weapons and Renegades. A team must have one slot used for a lineman type. When selecting a player type you will be able to roster 0-X number of players where X is the number from the original roster with some exceptions.

Rerolls are 60k for all teams. If the team’s linemen come from a team that can roster an apothecary you can roster an apothecary.

Blitzers, and Catchers are limited to 0-6 total. Blockers are limited to 0-4 (Saurus and CD Blockers become 0-4). For example, if you draft Human Blitzers 0-4 you cannot draft Dark Elf Blitzers 0-4, but can draft Norse Berserkers 0-2. Of these player types drafting a second of the same type will use an additional slot. For example drafting War Dancers (Blitzer 1 slot), Witch Elves (Blitzer 1+1 Slot), and Hobgoblins(Lineman 1 slot) would take all four slots..

Blockers: Blockers are 0-6 (Either 0-6 Saurus & Chaos Dwarf Blockers or 0-2 and 0-4 of other blockers) if paired with a stunty lineman, but cannot be combined with another non-stunty lineman or 0-4 player type. Tomb Guardians cost two slots.
Blitzers: Vampires cost two slots, can only bite thralls.
Big Guys: Unless the Lineman position is a stunty player, Big Guys become 0-1. If stunty they can be 0-2. Big Guys can be expanded 0-6 and lose loner if paired with snotlings, they cost an extra slot and cannot be combined with another non-stunty lineman or 0-4 player type.
Secret Weapons: Players with values who can combine to be no more than 80k can be selected together to occupy one slot.
Renegades: All Renegades come as one slot.

All SPP is doubled. Winnings are set at 50k plus Fame and the Winning Bonus"

We are using the aros blood blood league site to track the leagues progress. If anyone is interested and wants some feedback on how this special season is working, drop a comment.

 Post subject: Re: Draft League
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:14 pm 

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Here is the results of the draft. We used a snake drafting method (First to last then last to first, repeat)

Team One
High Elf Thrower 0-2
Elf Catcher 0-4
Gorilla 0-4
Dark Elf Lineman 0-16

Team Two
Yhettee 0-1
Dark Elf Renegade 0-1
Skaven Renegade 0-1
Goblin Renegade 0-1
Chaos Warrior 0-4
Dwarf Blocker 0-16

Team Three
Silverback 0-1
Werewolf 0-2
Ulfwerner 0-2
Norse Lineman 0-16

Team Four
War Dancer 0-2
Amazon Blitzer 0-4
Amazon Linewoman 0-16

Team Five
Saurus 0-4
Orc Blitzer 0-4
High Elf Catcher 0-4
Beastman 0-16

Team Six
Dark Elf Runner 0-2
Kroxigor 0-6
Snotlings 0-16

Team Seven
Underworld Skaven Blitzer 0-2
Human Blitzer 0-4
Wood Elf Lineman 0-16

Team Eight
Ogre Team Ogre 0-1
Chaos Dwarf Blocker 0-4
Gutter Runner 0-4
Skink 0-16

 Post subject: Re: Draft League
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:13 am 
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Hey... was just curious how this turned out? I couldnt seem to find the custom teams in your current running season.


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