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 Post subject: Demons of Nuffle Team
 Post Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:24 pm 

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I came up with these after making a proxy team out of horrors. My thinking was horrors don't make a good blood bowl team due to the colour restrictions, also as a chaos god, Nuffle also should have demons of his own. As the god of blood bowl, I thought the team's emphasis should be on ball handling over bashing and to get the chaotic feel I wanted I broadened that to have all players with Right Stuff & most with Throw Team-Mate. They are meant to be a mid tier 2 team.

The Nufflings are halflings with +1AG and Fend instead of Dodge and are based on the Brimstone Horrors. Fend represents their flames deterring opponents and also plays into them being thrown as catchers as they will be in less tackle zones, while the increased agility fits with the rest of the team.

Lineman are based on the Blue Horrors and in general are pro elves with Right Stuff and Throw Team-Mate. This adds interesting mobility options but as it uses the pass action, can only be used once a turn, for this reason mutation access is added for balance.

The Herald of Nuffle with Pass and Catch skills is meant to fill both roles as Nuffle is about all aspects of ball handling. The Guardian of the Holy Ball similarly emphasizes protecting the ball over all else. Both of these are represented by Pink Horrors.

Demons of Nuffle
0-16 Lineman MA6 ST3 AG4 AV7 Right Stuff, Throw Team-Mate GAM/SP 70,000GP

0-8 Nufflings MA5 ST2 AG4 AV6 Right Stuff, Fend, Stunty AM/GSP 50,000GP

0-6 Herald of Nuffle MA6 ST3 AG4 AV7 Right Stuff, Throw Team-Mate, Pass, Catch GAPM/S 90,000GP

0-2 Guardian of the Holy Ball MA6 ST3 AG4 AV8 Right Stuff, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Sure Hands GAM/SP 110,000GP

Rerolls: 60,000GP

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