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 Post subject: Background for Barik Farblast
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:23 am 
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Best background submission and picture for Barik Farblast will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 8:33 am 

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Barik Farblast, a 4’ 2’’ tall, rocket launcher packed Dwarf, had a rather boring position with the Warhammerers. As his assignment was to hang around in front of the end zone waiting for the ball, only to fire it immediately back downfield for his team-mates to scramble for. It didn’t help much that the referees usually sent him off after he had fired his launcher for the second time, forcing him to sit out most of the match. During his time on the bench, watching his team-mates playing with all kind of weird devices, it became more and more clear to him that everyone was having fun - except him.
It all changed dramatically in the match versus the Gouged Eyes when a hopelessly overconfident referee made the attempt to send Barik off straight after he’d received the kick-off. Barik, already pretty annoyed by the taunting Orcs, went nuts and, instead of launching the Warhammer express, he fired the ball at the ref, knocking him straight out and, as a bonus, avoided the sent off! It was like a revelation for Barik, as he realized for the first time that there was more in Blood Bowl than just the ball (you’d be amazed how many players got that wrong). It then became rather common that Barik spent the time he had to wait for the ball shooting at everything moving. He carried it even so far, that he brought a spade onto the pitch and dug himself a trench in front of the end zone from where he could open fire at anybody. Although this crazy firework was very popular among the fans, and did set up a perfect defence parameter (the opponents were always running out of players before Barik ran out of ammo), several players (even of his own team, except those 16 he’d killed), but especially the refs complained about it. They said the only possible way of playing the game with Barik on the pitch was lying flat on their noses, choking on the dust and praying to all known gods. When the situation was getting out of hand the NAF was under the pressure to act. In an out season agreement (the only time you can talk to Barik and not to the muzzle) the NAF cut a deal with Barik, agreeing that the referees would turn their eyes the other way concerning his launcher, if Barik would reduce his firing rate. Ever since, the bets are on and the odds are ten to one that Barik won’t make it through the next game without blowing up.

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