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 Post subject: Background for Fezglitch
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:31 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:00 am 

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Rats and especially Skaven are not known to take a bath other than wading through the sewer, but Fezglitch is probably the filthiest of them all. There is so much spit, slime, blood and mud sticking in his fur, that it has absolutely no qualities of fur anymore. And if you observe how much drool and snot is escaping (probably fleeing) from Fezglitch’s snout, you might think he did it all to himself. Fezglitch’s condition is actually so bad that a letter by his bubonic claw is considered as attempted murder and every snigger, cough and sentence he spits brown and sticky into the world has the potential of causing an epidemic. This guy is so unbelievably disgusting that it’s a standard procedure to burn everything he has touched or has been in contact with (do you remember the brilliant Hobgoblin coach Hurk Scarfitch who eagerly burned his players’ clothes after the match, and only lost five?). So its no wonder that the problems are considerable when Fezglitch enters town with his smell, diseases and strange morning star that is filled with Nuffle knows what, but it shimmers green, smells and produces thick, wet clouds that leaves stains on the carpet (just like himself actually). Admittedly, a game without the raving mad Fezglitch hammering the noses of others from stuffed, to bleeding, to a pulp, is only half the fun. So it doesn’t help but going through the whole “Nurgle procedure” of scrubbing, mopping, wiping and disinfecting the whole place after Fezglitch is done with it (although burning down and rebuilding the stadium might come cheaper). Fortunately, Fezglitch never stays longer than one game and is usually gone the next morning - normally around the same time when the trash is picked up. Besides, it’s still very popular among Skavens to figure out a way to smuggle Fezglitch into the Elven Kingdom. This is not only considered great fun, but will also be rewarded with 100.000 gold crowns to whoever manages it.

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