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 Post subject: Background for Griff Oberwald
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:36 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 1:56 pm 

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Sensational griff!
Oberwald going to be Unterwald!
How long will it take before the majestic creature with the eagle head and the body of a lion will turn into a melon head with an elephant body?
We were quite used to Griff not taking off anymore, but not in our wildest dreams could we believe he could sink that low! Griff Oberwald is already putting on more weight! How long until only pills and the compassion of his fellow sportsmen (FAT chance) will keep him in the game? Can Griff be saved? Is he going to fall? Has it anything to do with the broken up liaison with the singer Celine DeLioness? After five divorces, now this! Has Griff the Griffon become Griff the Grieving? Sitting at home, all alone, in his three million penthouse, 150 yards of backyard, twenty coaches, eighty servants and five pleasure rooms, only waiting for DeLioness to call? Eating chocolate and ice cream out of the box until deep into the night? Howling his broken heart out? Poor Griffon! Has Altdorf run out of women? (read our story on page 5).
What is the hard working man on the street saying? Becky (36) “I’d take him any time, even if he’s fat and all that.” Her husband Rudolf (38) “He should get his fat buttock back in shape. It’s disloyal to the fans. A second tier Griff won’t win championship. Bad for Altdorf and bad for us. I say traitor - burn him!”
What will the officials do? What Griff sponsors? Are rumours true that the sugar soda pop company only agreed to extend Griff’s contract when he agrees to a personal fitness coach? Will the sport world stay aside silently, watching this icon of sport taking up the space of five players in the Hall of Fame? Will they build an extension? Will Griff have to pay for it? Is this his last season? Is this really it? Ticket prices up by 100%! Come and say farewell to the soaring griffon that has turned into a hopping toad! Griff, you’ll always be in our heart, even with your wings crushed and broken under your fat arse. We say, Griff will always stay alive!
- read all about Griff’s illegitimate children – One’s an Ogre! page 2.
- shocking nudity pictures of young Griff – Scandal? Victim? Or the start of his downfall? page 3.
- Griff abducted by space frogs? – who played the Blood Bowl final then? page 4
- check out for what silly reason Daphne is naked this time – turn casually to page 8.

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