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 Post subject: Background for Hubris Rakarth
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:45 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:57 am 

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Being a Dark Elf player, and for that an outstanding one, it doesn’t need much imagination to see that Hubris Rakarth is a person you’d better not mess with, unless you really care about getting sacrificed to the honour of Khaine, or just Rakarth’s own pleasure, for what it matters.
Hubris Rakarth got his training from the Darkside Academy, a college known to invent the dirtiest ways to play the game, and they sure trained him well.
During the crush of 2482 he became a first round pick by the Darkside Cowboys, when he rather amazingly beat all his rivals at the entrance, except one; Jordell Freshbreeze, and those two remained archrivals ever since.
The Darkside Cowboys intended to build Hubris Rakarth into the successor of the amazing ‘Flashing Blade’ Jeremia Kool. Although Hubris repeatedly kept pointing out that comparisons are pointless, as Jeremia plays the Thrower position, while he prefers the Blitzer spot from which he can set out to charge down the field after intercepting the ball or conquering it after another of his painstaking tackles.
In spite of the league commissioners banning the use of portable spells, the Darkside Cowboys have the tendency to sneak those spells in and Hubris Rakarth’s fireballs blasting gaps into the opponent’s line, became the trademark of the Cowboy’s rushing game.
In the summer of 2488 Jeremia Kools retired and the honour of team-captain moved on to Rakarth who managed to lead the Cowboys to a Blood Bowl championship during his first season of tenure. In the same year, the NAF collapsed and Hubris had to face the most difficult of times for his team. He managed it rather well and added the Chaos Cup win in 2491 to the Cowboy’s trophy hall.
Hubris, still messing with magic, used a growth spell onto himself and had to realize after the match that the counter spell wasn’t working. Hubris remained 8’ 3” tall ever since, and doesn’t use magic anymore.
In 2499 Hubris Rakarth left the Darkside Cowboys, following an extremely generous offer by the rich Elf magnate Frostbiss Kane, who spends his entire fortune on building an Elf Team: the Talon Tearaways. Most fascinating, Hubris archrival Jordell Freshbreeze got signed by Kane, too. After just one season the rivalry of Jordell and Hubris forced the team to dissolve and Frostbiss Kane had to announce bankruptcy.
Nowadays, Hubris Rakarth is a freelancer who plays only half the matches as those signed players, but gets twice their salary. As Hubris Rakarth just gained the “Evillest Player of the Year” award again, he is worth every penny of it.

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