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 Post subject: Background for Ramtut III
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:06 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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The mummified Ramtut has been leaving his footprints on the game of Blood Bowl for a solid 8000 years. He was already out there proving it night after night when the ancient teams of Khemri were still fumbling for the door knob on the inside of their sarcophaguses. The only thing that changes about this guy are his bandages. Once one of those NAF statisticians followed Ramtut for an entire season in the attempt to measure the amount of tape he uses. After one year in the company of the Champions, there wasn’t much left of the chap’s sanity, but that little sense that remained left the world a number no one cares to remember and the fun fact that all the tape in one long line could be wrapped around the whole world once. So all this guy found out is, that Ramtut has it all wrapped up - brilliant! But no one with cabalvision needs maths for that conclusion. Gosh, a reputation like Ramtut’s makes you weep. Just imagine it: The guy you are facing on the pitch is actually old enough to have known your great-grandfather - and probably killed him! Just as your grandfather, and your father! And when this guy is pushing forward to grab you, the last thing you hear is his deep, dusty voice proclaiming that you are nothing but the end of a long line of failures. Who’s tough enough for that?
No wonder Ramtut is casting an overpowering shadow on the league since Tomolandry who has always been great at spotting talent, (and you need to be brilliant to spot talent in a skeleton), made him the cornerstone of the Champions. Ramtut’s leadership as team-captain won Tomolandry his first Blood Bowl championship in 2466 vs. the Vynheim Valkyres, followed by the Chaos Cup in 2467. After that, Ramtut and the Champions had been short on championships, but time was always on the side of the Undead. In 2486 the Champions won their second Blood Bowl, but they did it without Ramtut.
At the begining of the 2486 season, Ramtut suddenly declared that he was stepping back as team-captain and returning to Khemri. At the same time, several small print clauses in Ramtut’s contract suggested that all those players slain by Ramtut had been carried off to the desert of Khemri. The next thing that happened was, that the retired Ramtut III returned only two years later leading all those corpses in question under the name Match-Ra Tomb Robbers and picked up the game just where he had left off (especially by leading the league in cheerleader fatalities – those skinny ladies make him reeeally nervous).
Thanks Ramtut, Khemri is flourishing again and lucrative contracts are waiting in the desert. Leaking out information says that Ramtut’s contract includes a life term guaranteed god status, several penthouse sarcophaguses, a pyramid for every trophy, new scientific and expansive high tech methods to conserve inner organs, as many undead cats as a sane person can stand PLUS one free! kitten and so on. Besides revitalizing Khemri, Ramtut also found time for a cabalvision production called “the mummy”. A story about a mummy getting robbed by evil men and the long adventurous journey to retrieve it’s goods. The reunion scene of the mummy and its undead kitten is considered a masterpiece, or so they say.

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