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 Post subject: Background for Slibli
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:12 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:44 am 

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Slibli is the guard of the wisdom that lies within the wind and the dust. The protector of the seal that closes the gates to the sanctuary where the future threads are woven into the sky and sun. Slibli is the watcher that guarantees the circle of life, to protect it from harm and to allow it to flow smoothly and steadily. This is how Slibli is known in Lustria, in the old world though, the fans call him: „The Bouncer“.
Originally, Slibli was one of the Sauruses who were appointed to be a Temple Guard to oversee the rituals that assure the circle of life. Something a bloated toad sitting motionless for 24 hours on hard stone is extremely keen on to work smoothly. The rituals absorb about five hours of pointing at stuff, showing stuff around and speaking in tongues. After that a Blood Bowl match follows, crowned by sacrificing the loser. As long as these rituals were for cold-blooded Lizards only, everything was fine, but when Lustria got into reach of the old world and teams set out to participate in the ritual it came to a clash of cultures. The first team that arrived was an Orc team that brought 20.000 die hard fans with them. It was a disaster. The Orc players kicked the Skink priests when they kneeled down to pray and the fans lost patience after twenty minutes of ritual and tried to get the cold-blooded lizards started by setting the place on fire - without effect, except ruining the ancient temple. This cooled the interest in the ritual a bit; not enough action, too much rebuilding time, although the sacrificing element still urges Orcs to tempt Elves into participating. But while the tournaments in the old world were growing, the rituals lost more and more importance and ended up as an attraction for tourists only, who came over to buy a souvenir, to watch those fancy dressed priests behaving funny and then to throw the just bought souvenir at them when getting bored. The whole thing turned out to be a rich source for money as every souvenir proved to survive ten circles of life before falling apart. The Slann masters took a liking to this new development, called it the plan of the old and moved into a penthouse. Money corrupted the rituals more and more into a show. Slibli’s job to fend off feeble tourists on a cocoa frenzy, fighting for a reduction, wasn’t appealing to his pride and only his cold-blooded obedience kept him at his post. Fortunately, the Slann eventually got bored by the cabalvision transmissions of the old world’s tournaments into their meditating mind, as they had no team to root for! So they decided to set up a recruiting programme to gather all their talented Lizards to form them into teams. This development rescued Slibli from his boring existence as his amazing power to hold and secure his ground made him one of the first picks of the Slann. Nowadays, Slibli is still guarding the master plan by breaking wave after wave of opponents and bouncing them back into their half.

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