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 Post subject: Background for Wilhelm Chaney
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:16 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:27 am 

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Werewolves are like dogs, they bark at the moon, urinate where they want to and should really wear a muzzle, but don’t have to. All in all just like hooligans, with the only difference that they’re not even theoretically responsible for their actions. Every Werewolf has a good chance to get off the hook by blaming it all on the dog, who simply has to howl, bite and well… But in spite of their licence for rowdiness, there is a line not even Werewolves can cross without prosecution. For example, it is hard to blame driving under influence on the dog or killing the taxman by mistaking him for the postman. So although Werewolves have got their liberties, they’ve got enough criminal energy left to end up behind bars fairly often. Even the most tolerant society can take only so much dog poo before it sticks to their shoes.
But Werewolves also have their benefits, they are great Blood Bowl players and, well, they ARE great Blood Bowl players! They are fast, wild, with vicious, unattended fingernails, but tend to be quite agile nonetheless, a combination that can’t be found with many other players. If it weren’t be for their dog instinct, that seems to get in conflict with almost everything, you couldn’t say anything negative about them.
Take Wilhelm Chaney for example, an almost unstoppable Catcher, because any defender who tries to might end up in stripes. Most defenders aren’t used to that kind of a danger-dog who bites, grapples and claws his way into the end zone. The problems normally start when the game ends and they return to prowl in the gutter. Take the last incidence with Wilhelm Chaney: Chaney loves the night life and whenever he has the chance he is out there barking at the ladies. And although he can afford an army of bodyguards he, of course, has to carry a crossbow, too. Mainly, because a Big Dog like him has to and secondly, it makes just the right kind of bulge at the right place of his trousers (and let’s pray he wears some). On this particular night he was doing a very vigorous interpretation of a modern dance when at the high point of his spasm the loaded crossbow in his pants went off, but instead of being a matter of pride, he rather embarrassingly nailed himself to the floor. This little accident cost him five matches and it became ten more after it turned out that Chaney had no licence for that crossbow and was arrested for illegal possession of a fire arm the moment he left the hospital.
This combination of coincidence and stupidity is something every team that keeps Werewolves in their line-up has to live with. They are great assessments, but sooner or later that dog finds a way to make himself a nuisance. Although some tests have shown that castration might do the trick, they just tend to howl more than usual. But tests have also shown that it’s also limiting their use on the Blood Bowl pitch. And a bunch of castrated and howling Werewolf cheerleaders might be funny for the first couple of matches, but then it becomes rather sad.

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 Post subject: Re: Background for Wilhelm Chaney
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:27 am 

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Anybody got a Pic?

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