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 Post subject: Background for Willow Rosebark
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:18 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:36 pm 

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Dryads don’t show a lot of activity, their natural behaviour is to appear like a tree until they can catch a person in an embarrassing situation. Actually it’s funny how many people go into the woods to do something they consider embarrassing. So it’s working for the dryads.
Willow Rosebark was different. Since she was a sapling she rather ran with the game than stand still, trying to suppress a giggle. All in all, Rosebark’s behaviour was never much to the liking of her own kind. All her hopping around, her merry confidence and constant loud-laughing happiness was getting on the elder’s nerves. It became a real nuisance though, when Rosebark heard the ballad „Kick ‘em like Freshbreeze” which ignited her desire to play Blood Bowl and made her practice right away. The running around had already been bad enough, the ball made it even worse. Being around a wild flying ball with spikes isn’t that funny when you’re a rather immoveable creature. One day the whole thing came to an end. Willow’s father tried to ambush a traveller and got caught himself by the traveller’s companion in a rather embarrassing situation. When he returned to the camp he was already in a very p...ed of mood and in the heat of the moment, very much inflamed by a ball bouncing off his head, he banned Willow from the Dryad’s part of the wood. Rosebark took it easy and decided to kick off her Blood Bowl career.
The first team she came upon was a local Wood Elf team who took her in out of compassion for her sad story, and because it’s sort of hard to say no to an enthusiasm of her kind. And it was also her enthusiasm that led to one extraordinary training session. Willow entered the training game with such momentum that she took out three players of her own team and she did it all three times with the ball tucked safely under one arm. Faced with a player who is not only an, in a merry way, aggressive player, but also a decent scorer, they renegotiated her contract which freed her from training and, as the first player in Blood Bowl history, granted her a pet. After she had picked an extremely aggressive wood bear she was also the first player who had her own team bus during journeys. By the way, the whole pet thing was forbidden by international law after some Chaos player was granted the same favour - some say they are still cleaning up the mess.
After some time playing with the Wood Elves, Willow, as it was part of her character, became restless again and moved on. It’s still unknown if the Wood Elves were happy or sad about seeing her go, it is not true though, that the Elves kicked her out because her constant happiness and running around was getting on their nerves. But however it was, Willow has made her restlessness her trademark ever since and she is perhaps the farthest travelled player in the history of the sport. She played for Elves, Halflings and Amazons all over the old and new world. She played in Albion, as well as in Ulthuan, and it is said she even got as far as Cathay.

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 Post subject: Re
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:22 pm 

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This is just fantastic!

Full of humour and fun. Go on with your great work, you have a fan here!

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