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 Post subject: Background for Zzharg Madeye
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:20 am 
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Best background submission and picture for this star player will be posted here.

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 Post Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:52 pm 
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Ex-Mega Star, now just a Super Star

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Modified from LRB4 Blunderbuss Rule

In battle the Chaos Dwarfs field entire regiments of troops armed
with the dread blunderbuss. This weapon uses a gunpowder
charge to fire iron spikes at the enemy, although it can also fire
hot coals, lead shot, pieces of scrap metal and even stones if
need be. Chaos Dwarfs hadn’t been playing Blood Bowl for very
long before one enterprising player, Zzharg Madeye depressed by his team’s appalling inability to pass the ball, came up with the idea of using
a blunderbuss to fire the football down the field.

The idea proved to be remarkably successful. The football could
be squeezed into the end of the blunderbuss where it formed an
airtight seal, and then at the appropriate moment the
blunderbuss could be fired, hurling the football down the field.

Zzharg Madeye pointed the weapon in the air and pulled the
trigger, firing the ball in a high arc which could not be
intercepted. With luck the ball would plummet down in the
general vicinity of a Chaos Dwarf player, although as often as
not the ball landed well wide of the mark. Either way the Chaos
Dwarfs were happy, because at least the ball was deep in the
opposing half of the field!

Ever since Zzharg tried this he has become a great asset to many Chaos Dwarf teams, even thou the refs don't like him and he often have to leave after the first drive.

Zzharg is also know for his funny trick to shoot the ball at the ref when he gets ejected from the pitch, just to keep the fans happy and entertained. This has made him so popular that many teams just recruit Zzharg to keep the fans amused.

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 Post Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:52 am 

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Once upon a time there was the great pacification of our beloved Blood Bowl world. With the discovery of the mind absorbing and mass hypnotizing amorica football, the people paid no mind to warfare anymore. Nowadays, a general needs to shout at the top of his lungs to get any attention. But if they do shout and everyone’s turning around to find out what all the racket is about, those generals feel quite silly in their posh uniform with that feather on top (not a smart move to look like a cheerleader around a stadium). So they rather stay in their fortresses, never say a thing, and everyone’s just fine, missing nothing at all, and anyway, there is a match coming up and you really have to figure out on who to bet.
Now with Chaos Dwarves it’s a bit different. Of course they love the game too, but when that pacification thing came along, they were pretty annoyed. Why? Should have seen their storerooms of armoury! If there ever was a space eater, that was one. Everything was stuffed with those stupid blunderbusses of theirs no one needed anymore. And the manufacturers of blunderbusses, they were so down, you just couldn’t get them out of the pub anymore, not even with their home on fire. Everything they tried was futile; Shooting the seed into the acres, shooting Snotlings into the air, marketing them as practical jokes, returning to shoot Snotlings around, running out of Snotlings; it was as frustrating as it can get. There was absolutely no use for those stupid things. It even got so bleak that the Chaos Dwarves considered melting their craftsmanship into oblivion. And that’s almost as bad as going to the match of the week with a clean shave! When Zzharg Madeye, a captain in retirement, heard it, he got furious. His darlings melted, those beautiful constructions that performed so devastatingly on the field of honour. Hell, no! Only bureaucrats who don’t understand what a blunderbuss is capable of could come up with such a rubbish scheme. Peace? To hell with it!
Zzharg, determined to save the blunderbuss, saw a future for this weapon as it could distribute a feature to the Chaos Dwarf play that hadn’t existed until now: the passing game. He started fiddling with its mechanisms and finally came up with a blunderbuss that could shoot the ball down the pitch without disintegrating it. Zzharg set out to move from team to team promoting his new blunderbuss, and not being shy of demonstrating it himself, he started to demonstrate it by playing for his customers. And that rather successfully.
When Zzharg was asked by a journalist if he thought war was more hardship than Blood Bowl, he answered, “Are you kidding me? In war we had a flag of truce, but those Chaos All-Stars idiots wouldn’t recognize a flag of truce if you shoved it down their throat!” and amended after a pause and much calmer “It’s a great game, no doubt about it.”
Zzharg’s promotion of the Blunderbuss did not only establish it as a permanent part of the game, but it also helped him to a career of his own. One has to know that Chaos Dwarves mutate sometimes and Zzharg has a very uncommon and highly respectable mutation. When the grumbling Madeye gathers up steam, it happens that flashes of rage escape from his red eyes and as Zzharg is easily upset about the lack of proper soldiering on the Blood Bowl pitch, (“There are only Bull Centaurs and Hobgoblins from Tzorn Uzkul and you’ve got no hooves, boy!”) it’s a common sight to see that retired captain with flashing eyes knocking the gum-shields of insubordinate players through the length of the stadium. It is really something to watch when that old war dog lives through his days of glorious battles again and demonstrates the sturdiness of his blunderbuss on the heads of others. All in all, that blunderbuss really is a brilliant concussion, eh, construction to pass the ball. Thanks to ol’ captain in retirement Madeye.
Attenshun! Dwarves on parade.

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