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Background for Lottabottol
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Author:  GalakStarscraper [ Fri Aug 07, 2009 2:08 am ]
Post subject:  Background for Lottabottol

Sorry about that ... missed this star player in the list.


Author:  UncleBob [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:58 pm ]
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Somewhere in Lustria in a remote temple area lies the old and, at least among Lizards, famous spawning pond of Guadaloopdeloop. It’s reputation is not exactly based on any useful talent or breed, the only outstanding skill of those tadpoles is their can’t miss ability to catch flies. This feature wasn’t exactly thrilling, not even among Lizards, but no one ridiculed it as everything was going according to the plans of the old masters and you don’t argue with that! Anyway, they kept the insects at bay, which seemed to be sort of useful. Soon enough, the Slann of Guadaloopdeloop were scattered over the whole of Lustria living a quiet, unnoticed life of catching flies. This curiosity would hardly have become more than a fun topic for the easy going breaks of the Slann Masters, hadn’t it have been for the great mosquito plague in 2462. The Lustria Croakers were facing the Skaven team Smallpox Deadkrox for the all important Gumpta-Cup final. But every training session was flooded with swarms of mosquitoes, making any attempt to practice impossible. There are still rumours that the Skaven were somehow behind it, just as behind the sick cattle, the annoying dripping of the waterfall and the bad weather. To get a decent condition, several Slann from the pond of Guadaloopdeloop were sent to the training camp to keep an almost free air. What then happened hadn’t been anticipated even by the greatest of the Slann lore masters. When the Croakers started to train their defence plays to counter the Skaven’s passing game, it happened that young Lottabottal, who was among the flycatchers, got in between the training session by going after one extremely fat mosquito and caught, to everyone’s amazement, the ball instead. It all became so clear all of a sudden, their ability to anticipate the flying momentum of even the tiniest and fastest objects, their impressive takeoff power and their sure hands predestined them to be the perfect interceptors. The talent was there and after one day of practice they’d got Lottabottal so far that he didn’t try to eat the ball anymore, after another day to let it go after he’d caught it and on the third day, Lottabottal ruined the Skaven passing game by such a degree that the Croakers were running the victory home. It was the three day birth of Lottabottal „the Leaper“ which was the beginning of his career and the foundation of his until today unbeaten Interception record.

Author:  ulvardar [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re

UncleBob wrote:
This feature wasn't exactly thrilling, not even among lizards, but no one ridiculed it as everything was going according to the plans of the old masters and you don't argue with that!

Oh, boy! Can't stop laughing!

Author:  Gaixo [ Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:24 pm ]
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Lottabottol is one of the best defensive blitzers ever to play Blood Bowl. Equally adept at pass coverage and wrap up tackling, the stalwart Slann can make it very difficult for opposing sides to move the ball by any means. Still, Lottabottol was cut from team after team throughout his early career, never lasting even one full season with any given squad. As talented as he may have been, Slann coaches balked at his pay demands. The fans wanted to see catchers as the main features on offense and defense, and Slann blitzers were seen as nothing more than an overpriced luxury.

Refusing to abandon his dreams of athletic stardom, Lottabottol decided to create his own opportunities. He began teaching the game of Blood Bowl to the Lizardmen, who had previously been considered too dense to pick up the nuances of the sport. While they may not have been the brightest creatures upon the Old One’s earth, the Lizardmen did have amazing speed and strength, and several formidable teams were soon formed. Before long the football exploits of the Lizardmen had vastly surpassed those of the Slann, who withdrew from competition and then disappeared altogether. Though Lottabottol never followed his brethren into oblivion, nor did he find a permanent home among his new teammates. In a bit of sad irony, the Lizardmen considered the amazing speed of the Skinks and the immense strength of the Sauri and Kroxigor to be quite enough in the way of game winning tools. Though Lottabottol delivered Blood Bowl unto these “lower races,” to this day they consider him to be little more than an overly expensive specialist.

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