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 Post subject: Background for Jeremiah 'Flashing Blade' Kool
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:37 am 

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Jeremiah 'Flashing Blade' Kool

Race : Dark Elf
Position : Thrower / Runner (and Captain during almost 12 seasons)
Birth : 29th day of Vorhexen 2315 in Naggarond (Naggaroth)
College : Darkside Academy, Naggarond
Teams : Darkside Cowboys from 2473 to 2487 (15 seasons)

Awards : 1 Blood Bowl XXI winner ring (2481), Elected to Hall of Fame, 2 times NAF player of the year (2481 and 2484), 6 times offensive player of the year (2479, 2481, 2483-86), Most violent tackle of the year (2478), 4 times NAF best thrower (2480-81, 2483 and 2485), 11 times selected for the HyperBowl (2476-81 and 2483-87)

No player have influenced the gameplay of their race as Jeremiah "Flashing Blade" Kool did. In the past, the dark elves style was very close to their old enemies, the high elfs, with an attack based on long pass. But Jeremiah Kool invented a new way of playing based on fast runs and after contact passes. These dump off passes realized after having been tackled by an opponent, were the trademark of the Cowboys in the 80s and led them to the victory in Blood Bowl XXI !

During years, lots of people believed that Jeremiah used a strange spell but it was just a new technique. After his retirement in 2487, Jeremiah Kool became an instructor in the legendary Darkside Academy in Naggarond and he teaches his technique to the new dark elf throwers. Today, the new generations of druchiis master perfectly the dump off pass and the old school throwers are now replaced by runners who all want to step up to the master...

But lets come back to this fantastic player's career. Jeremiah Kool was recruited by the Darkside Cowboys in 2473, just after the awful match against Kishargo Werebears during which both teams were completely exterminated. Used at the beginning mainly as receiver, he performed several seasons with more than 1000 paces on reception before becoming the starter thrower of the team and one of the very best of the league. In 2481, he even beat the record of the number of throws (160) and the passing progression (2122 paces) on a single season. These records held for a long time but they were finally beaten by Valen Swift.

But Jeremiah Kool was a versatile player as we can see with by his personal record of 1600 paces runned in 1 season (2484) and the unbeatable record of 16 players injured in 1 match when he destroyed completely the opposite team during the season 2478 ! During all his career, Jeremiah Kool threw for a total of 32407 paces, a record for a dark elf that should never be beaten. He also holds the records of the largest number of passes and the passing progression on 1 single match as well as the largest number of casualties in 1 season for a Darkside Cowboy.

Today, Jeremiah Kool is member of Darkside Cowboys staff. Even if he is not anymore in the limelight, it is still one of the most important people of this team and he contributes largely to the current successes of the Cowboys by his mysterious work in the shade of the Naggarond underground.

In conclusion, we can say that this player is more than a legend and he embodies really the dark elf gameplay based on the runs, quick passes and free violence.

Jeremiah 'Flashing Blade' Kool caracteristics in 2487:
Skills: Pass, Dump-Off, Nerves of steel, Block, Dodge
Value: 290,000 gold pieces

Note: before LRB5, the dark elf roster included 0-2 throwers (MA6, FO3, AG4, AR8, Pass) instead of 0-2 runner, which has inspired this background of the legendary Jeremiak Kool.

Sorry for my poor English, I'm french... fell free to rewrite this in a better way ;)

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