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 Post subject: Re: Having fun with Halflings
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:56 pm 
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sann0638 wrote:
Kwek also made it to table 1 in Round 6 of Thrud 2014. Can't remember how that game went. :lol:

I do :(
Annyway, loosing against lizardmen... is not that shamefull for flings.
You have 7 ST 4+ pieces, which (with block at that time) can take care of the treemen.
Ma 7 stunty, vs ma 5 stunty ... is huge.

... I believe lizards have a higher potential to win the game, then flings... a lot higher. You can outmanoeuver the flings easily, and since the treeman have a tough time standing up (or just getting rooted) ... it's pretty hard to draw or win. My record against them is really bad.

Still, ending up table 1 after 5 games with my halflings in a tournament with 54 players is more then just a good result. Loosing only against Lizardmen (on table 1, day 2, 6th game) and a verry verry verry close loss against wood elves (table 1, day 1, 3th game) ... Is nothing to be shamefull about or to forget. (yes Gerçon, your wardancers, lucked out in the last turn, and you know it! I'll foul the crap out of them next time :roll: :lol: 8) ). ... Ending up 6th place after 6 games of 54 players with my flings... is also nothing to be shamefull about.

Not that I want to brag or annything... but I wanted to make sure the holes in your memories are filled up :wink: :wink: :wink:

Smeborg wrote:
kwek - the reason I do not take Puggy is that in numerous games (playing against him) he goes into the dugout very easily and very early.

Yeah, Puggy is glass cannon... but still a cannon. Block, Dodge still helps a lot. And honestly, if you keep him the back (a bit like wardancer) and protect him between the forest... he can really be a pain the ass. ... he stays on his feet most of the time... Is able to dodge (not adviced, but it's possible and only fails 1 time out of 9 if he can use the dodge skill). Lol, and gutter runners and skinks hate him. If a ST 2 guy has the ball, you can pretty easily try a 2 d (because of stunty and ST3) ... also, why not go for the 1D on occasions? ... worst thing that can Happen is the skull (1 out of 6).

I don't agree on your idea of Deeproot being to costly for ma2... yes he has ma2 (which is his biggest but almost only drawback - yeah he has loner). But he can still move 2, without getting rooted ... which can be a big thing if the other treemen fail. Also... He has ST 7 and block, which gives you a pretty safe 3D block against almost anny conventionel ST3 team.

He has SF, which make it that your wall of treeman, is just a big more lengthy, pushing your opponent easier to the sideline (which is easier to defend).

He has Mighty Blow ... which gives you a higher chance of getting people off... and a bigger chance of swarming your opponent.

And no matter what... He's a pretty reliable ballista (Strong Arm and Throw Team Mate).

... I can only advice you to try some games with him... all your blocking opponents will have a verry tough time with him.

This last sentence also shows the flaw in inducing for tournaments. You can take a starplayer in front of a league game... and see what you are up against. Against Skaven, wood elves, lizardmen... I think I would advice "zarra" a lot more then Deeproot... but once you are facing off undead, orcs, chaos, chaos pact, .... I think I would take deeproot annyday (even if zarra has stakes).
So considering your metagame is important to take choose which star you want.

The next thing that is important for your star, is your way of playing the game. We all have an idea of how to solve certain situations, and we probably all have a diffrent opinion on how someone solves a situation. You just need to take the star that fits your playing style the most.

sann0638 wrote:
I took Bertha when I took flings - bit of a one-trick pony (BT, Dodge cage breaker), but it's a pretty cool-trick if either Block or Dodge are missing on the ball carrier!

Yeah, I took Bertha too... but the problem is that most teams do have "block" or "dodge" on their ball carier.
The other problem is that "bonehead" ... when things become tense, can be really annoying.
She is also missing "block" for her own (for obvious reasons... cause blodge on her would be to powerfull), this makes her even more unreliable... You have to do the dodge on a 3+ at best (for a normal cage) to get in there... once people know you have Bertha, it will probably be a 4+ and sometimes even a 5+. Still doable with reroll (from dodge) but it becomes a bit more tricky. Her bonehead has to work, and then you need to trow a 2d (at best... unless you are facing a gutterrunner/skink/snotling/halfling/goblin without a guarder) after the dodge ... then maybe , maybe you can sack the ball carier, and loner doesnt really urge you to try to reroll it. ... Her Trow Team mate is also more unreliable then Deeproot. I don't think she is bad, I just believe that by adding a little extra cash, Zarra/Deeproot is a better option.

I've also tried "morgn'torg" ... But I take Deeproot + Puggy above morg annyday.

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 Post subject: Re: Having fun with Halflings
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:06 am 

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I agree on Deeproot beeing the nr one choice for flings.
Zara second. but because the high cost of Zara it is more often than not possible to just hire deep.

My next game with my Cutlery United will be agains a vampire team, and the choice between Deeproot or Zara is not entirely easy. Thralls are AV6 when stabbing with Zara and the cannot run from her easily. On the other hand Deeproot is strongest on the field and has MB. BUt may have a hard time reaching those pesky thralls.....

Anyone has experience of such a game?

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