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 Post subject: Brettonians TV 110
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:37 am 
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Hi all, now Bretts are allowed in NAF I want to give them a go.

In this tournament the Bretts are allowed one free skill: Block or Leader on one of their players.

Before (but after pairing) each round a random (by d3 MVP method) player gets a skill and no stacking is allowed. There are Six rounds and at round 2 and 4 you may give a double skill.

So here is the roster I would build:

4x 'Blitzer' Knight 440 kgc
4x Yeoman 280 kgc
4x 'Lineman' Pesant 160 kgc

2 TRR 140 kgc
Apoth 50 kgc
1 of each: FF, AC & CL 30 kgc

So I would opt for the leader skill as the free skill but I'm hesitant to give it to a knight. With 6 more skills to give I think I should give it to the Yeoman.

So the other skills that I will be looking at:
Knights: Dodge 2x and 2x Mighty Blow on doubles
Yeoman: 2x Guard apart from one leader. If doubles at round 4 lands on them I would skip it for guard I think that's more useful than dodge or whatnot.
Pesant: Block or DP (but hopefully we can dodge that but given the fact that you can't stack, in the last roll I will have to nominate a pesant).

Do I have enough pesants? Being the throw-away player they don't benefit a lot from having AV7. But I rather have an apoth to keep a positional on the pitch than having two more pesants.


 Post subject: Re: Brettonians TV 110
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:16 am 
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Hi El_Jairo,
have you played Brets before?
If you know them (or have time to train before the tournament) then you might be able to manage with just 1 ReRoll + Leader. If you are comfortable with that, then perhaps a Sure Hands blitzer could be a good idea.

Personally, I think I'd prefer 2 rerolls + leader.
But I'd also prefer more players. I think I'd dump a Yeoman for 2 linemen.
I like starting League play teams with just 2 yeomen, so I think you should be able to do just fine with 3.

If the free Leader skill takes up a skill slot, then I'd definately not put it on a blitzer. I guess that makes it a yeoman, even if that leaves just 2 more for skilling.

I'm not sure I'd take any doubles. Blitzers should probably just go Dodge - though I can see one with Mighty Blow, especially if you run 3 yeomen, because then the yeoman need Guard rather than mighty blow. Some like the Sure Hands blitzer - depends on your style.

So that's: 4 blitzers (440K), 3 Yeomen (Leader) 210K, 6 Linemen (240K), 2 Rerolls (140K), Apoth (50K) = 1080K

Alternatively, if you want all 4 yeomen, then you might trade the 50K apoth and 30K junk for 2 linemen.
Remember, linemen are good replacements, but are also good for fouling :orc:

Good luck

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