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New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story
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Author:  LJCA [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

So... decided that after 3 (enjoyable) seasons with my Orcs it was time to move onto a more 'sophisticated' style of the brutal game, The High Elves are a team that hasn't been done yet in our League set up and they fit the playbook that id like to try out (the passing game).

We've 9 teams in our League this season (DZ rules), 1 Dwarf and 1 Human team that have redrafted from last season giving them 1460k and 1380k respectively. The other 7 (including me) are all rookie teams (not all rookie coaches tho) with 2 more Humans, HElves, Goblins, Necromancer, Halflings and Slann making up the division.

Like I say its a brand new playing style for me but one I'm looking forward to trying out, though the lack of AV9 and Block everywhere that im used to will be an eye opener.

Im currently proxying the models as im waiting for GW to release the Elven Union team that ill be using as Helves.

1 Thrower
2 Catchers
2 Blitzers
6 Linemen
2 Rerolls

Anyway, lets see how the New Avelorn Saints get on...

Author:  LJCA [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 1

New Avelorn Saints 2 VS 1 Maestro Anthropoids (Human)

Scraped a win... and I mean scraped!

Was really looking forward to my first league game, both teams at 990k, relatively decent match up to get my game on... NUFFLE had other ideas...

The amount of 1s I rolled was ridiculous, they weren't even risky situations, just the simplest of quick passes with my thrower, 2+ with 'pass' easy right? rolled snake eyes twice! Then when I Blitzed opposition catcher knocking him down releasing the ball, just needed a simple 2+ pick up... 1... team reroll... 1 again... :(

Obviously some of my plays did come off, after taking the lead the Humans set up in the centre leaving the flanks open? (don't know why) whatever his tactic was I took advantage, threw my one and only successful pass and ran in a TD in 2 turns after screening my catcher all the way to the endzone.

I lost my thrower to the injury box early on in the 2nd half so I decided to stick to hand offs to my catchers rather than passing, with only 2 rerolls I didn't want to risk it. After 3-4 turns of the ball being fought over in midfield I managed to free the ball up, run in with a catcher and carry the ball away to safety and to a scoring position to win the game on turn 8 in the 2nd half. Though that was after a nervous 2+ pick up with no rerolls left...

A win is a win tho so that's something, levelled up a catcher with the MVP so gave him Dodge plus got enough coins to purchase an apothecary to try and protect those positionals.

Goblins up next with a very good coach in charge of them... will be interesting to say the least.

Author:  LJCA [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 2

Saints 1 VS 2 Orc-Ward (Goblins)

When your catcher who has the DODGE skill cant make a 2+ dodge roll (and then subsequently takes himself out of the game with the dice roll) you know its not gna be your day...

I lost to a better coach, that's the reason, but wow my dice hate me right now.

Started relatively cautious after I received as I knew I was playing a better coach than myself (TVs more or less same) and did manage to take the lead with a 3+ 2+ 2+ 4+ 2+ pick up-dodge-hand off-throw-catch elf style combo that was more or less my only achievement of the first half, my blitzes and blocks resulted in nothing more than stunned gobbos whilst my opponent seemed to take me off the pitch at will (Chainsaw-fanatic-trolls helped there). He equalised with the doom diver on a OTT, with only 6 players left on the pitch I couldn't cover all the space to deny it, he still pulled off the dice rolls tho so fair play to him.

Second half saw me start with only the 6 as my KOd players refused to return to the pitch, outnumbered I conceded ground too easily and the gobbos went 2-1 up.

I did have a chance to draw the game on the last turn with a 3+ 3+ 2+ combo but with no rerolls left I didn't manage it.

Learnt a lot about marking with my players who have no BLOCK skill... don't do it...

Still, my Thrower levelled up and now has ACCURATE in his armoury so he looks pretty good, but the rest of my team are lacking atm, especially with a Blitzer missing for the next game.

Halflings up next!

Author:  LJCA [ Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 3

Saints 1 VS 1 Shire Bay Packers (Halflings)

Well I cant blame my dice this time, they did ok, but my opponents did alot better than ok...

The opposing coach was last seasons winner (with Lizardmen) and he knows what hes doing, so I knew this would be another tough game despite the Halflings' stats. So when his Master chef took away my two rerolls I did think this was gna be another one of those days...

I did manage to keep the Halflings in check for most of the first half but at the cost of my one and only Blitzer who was fortunately brought back to life by the Apos magic touch. The Halflings did take the lead with a TTM late on landing on a 5+ and dodging away to score. 1-0 at halftime.

The second half I knew what I wanted to achieve but with the Packers miraculously taking down more players than I could in reply (one dice blocks taking me out) I soon found myself well out numbered and again with no rerolls.
With no BLOCK left on my team I decided to boringly play the long game and grind out a 1-1 draw as I wasn't confident of getting the ball back quickly enough to score twice. Using my MV advantage I kept out of the Halflings strike range and scored on turn 8 using the Catch/Throw skills available to me.

Im quickly learning that ive a lot to learn in regard to best using an AG team (get the irony?) and the next game isn't gna be any easier, up against Dwarfs who have Block/Tackle/Guard/MB all over the place.
I do have all my positionals back (and my rerolls) tho and one of my Catchers levelled up so I gave him Block, I need it!
Ive also 410k in inducements so hopefully I can put them to good use.

Author:  LJCA [ Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 4

Saints 2 VS 0 Bloodweiser Wanderers (Dwarfs)

Now this game played out how I envisaged Elves playing!
Dodge, Blitz, Pass, Catch, Dodge (again) all with ease, its about time :lol:

Was up against in this game, down 410k in TV so I brought in Prince Moranion for the strength/block boost, 1 Extra reroll and 2 kegs.

The Dwarfs had redrafted over from last season so were well skilled up in Guard and MB and with the Death-roller they had potential to do some serious damage...


Nuffle be praised! About 90% of my plays came off and the Dwarfs were simply outplayed.
Their 1st half cage pondered slowly downfield but under constant harassment from the Saints who dodged, blocked and blitzed it into a stall, eventually the Dwarf coach lost his head and went for a risky Dodge-gfi-gfi combo that didn't pay off, worse for him I managed to retrieve the ball and in two turns run in a simple TD after a nice 3+2+dodge 3+throw without using a reroll!

The second half Moranion made his presence felt knocking down many a Dwarf whilst again the Saints were too mobile for the Dwarfs who had rushed forward and left the back field open, a 3+ long pass with my thrower gave my catcher a simple catch to then run the clock down and score on turn 8 to win the game 2-0 against some very frustrated Dwarfs, who had not completed a single SPP point the whole game (apart from the MVP obvs).

My good fortune carried on as my winnings were enough to allow me to purchase another reroll, my Thrower levelled up with +1AG (This guy means business now!) and two Linos levelled up so I gave them Block to help my hitting power. more Dodge will follow (hopefully).

The Saints are starting to shape up -

Thrower - Pass, Safe-Pass, Accurate, +1AG
Lineman - Block
Lineman - (Journeyman)
Lineman - Block
Blitzer - Block
Blitzer - Block
Catcher - Catch, Block
Catcher - Catch, Dodge

3 Rerolls 1 Apothecary.

Author:  LJCA [ Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 5

Saints 1 VS 1 LFSMA (Slann)

Nuffle giveth and Nuffle taketh away...

Ive only myself to blame for not gaining 3 points in this one, too many times I decided to play 'bash style' now a few HElves have BLOCK and I let the game get away from me, I thought id take out a few Frogs, give myself an advantage in numbers and take the home the 3 points... All I achieved was getting bogged down in a brawl in midfield for most of the first half.

Second half I went back to how Elves should play and scored a simple TD early on, the Slann's Kroxigor then took out a couple of Lineman and killed a Blitzer (even with Apos help!)and I was outnumbered again, they used LEAP to good effect and if they keep rolling 2+s you cant stop it... 1-1 with two turns left...

This is where Nuffle decided I was not worthy of his blessings... Got myself into a position to throw a two dice Blitz against a Slann Catcher,(after he fumbled the ball) just a PUSH result would be suffice to leave me a 2+ pick up and run the ball in to win the game... The Blitz resulted in a PUSH (good enough) 2+ to win the game! (no rerolls)... you know how this went :roll:

Author:  LJCA [ Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 6

Saints 2 VS 0 Sin-City Steelers (Human)

Back to basics...

The Humans received the ball and decided to cage their way slowly down field, a surprise tactic to me but hey its their choice. I stalled the cage using 2+ Dodge to great effect (with trusty old Orc dice that I brought back into play :D ), targeted any 2 dice Blitzes I could and basically brought the opposition to a standstill. A nice 3+ pick up 3+ dodge 2+ pass to an open Catcher enabled me to run down the clock to lead 1-0 at halftime.

Second half I thought it bout time to unleash my thrower (he does have ACCURATE and AG5!) LONG BOMBS on 3+ yes please! It all looks so simple when it works and I was able to launch the ball downfield to waiting Catchers who then screened their way to the simplest of TDs 2-0.

Still cant seem to have a game where the dice don't screw me over though... my last turn of the game, Catcher with Dodge goes for a simple 2+ dodge away from harm... 1! Reroll - 1! down! break armour 10! injury roll 10! MNG Apo result MNG, I know it could have been worse but give me a break! :lol:

Author:  Lyracian [ Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

LJCA wrote:
Game 6
Still cant seem to have a game where the dice don't screw me over though... my last turn of the game, Catcher with Dodge goes for a simple 2+ dodge away from harm... 1! Reroll - 1! down! break armour 10! injury roll 10! MNG Apo result MNG, I know it could have been worse but give me a break! :lol:

It is not as bad as super-stars killing them selves with a failed GFI to score an extra touchdown in an already won game! :D
Risk management is a key part of the game. Snake Eyeing a dodge is 1/36 ~3% fail where as you are 30%-55% to get knocked down on the block (depending on skills/assists).

Author:  LJCA [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 7

Saints 2 VS 0 Punching Presidents (Human)

A Pyrrhic victory...

Given how tight the race for the Playoffs is this season only a win would suffice, was down 300k in inducements as this was another of the re-drafted teams from season 1, once again turned to Prince Moranion to help boost my chances, especially against the Presidents' impressive catching offence.


Despite a very carefully thought out plan for the Prince to concentrate on the opposition catchers (Block, Tackle, Wrestle, St4) I couldn't resist a pop at the Ogre standing their all alone centerfield, got an assist, dauntless paid off.... Push :-? ... In reply the Ogre smashed Moranion off the pitch and out of the game on turn 2! Not the start I had in mind. The Ogres next turn then brought more pain as he fouled a Blitzer of mine and stamped him out of the game too! (MNG so I saved the Apo for later), now luckily for me the ref spotted the foul and sent the Big-guy to the stands, a risky move by my opponent admittedly but I had lost two of my best players by turn 3!

For the rest of the 1st half I did manage to nullify the Humans offensive drive and even managed to steal the ball late on to score a the first TD some with nice Elf-Dodge wizardry.

The second half started even in numbers as a few Humans had hit the KO box and refused to come back into the game at halftime. A beautiful long bomb with my AG5 Thrower allowed me a simple 2nd TD to go 2up at the mid way point and therefor on my way to victory, though as luck would have it (and mine being bad) I lost another Blitzer to -1MA even with the Apos help!

So im in the playoff spots with one game to go but im without BOTH my Blitzers for the next game, a tactical 'Friendly' (allowed in our League set up) may have to come into play so I get my Blitzers back for the last match, though im hoping I don't lose anyone else!

Author:  sann0638 [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Nice write-ups!

Author:  LJCA [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

sann0638 wrote:
Nice write-ups!

Cheers! Enjoying this blog and this season, HElves are REALLY different to the only other team I have played so far (Orcs) but its helped me with understanding the game a lot more, still prone to the odd rookie mistake, but that gives more interesting stuff to write about :lol:

Author:  LJCA [ Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Avelorn Saints - A rookie High Elf story

Game 8

Saints 0 VS 2 Ghouls-Aloud (Necromantic)

End of the road... maybe

Going into this game I knew just a draw would be enough for me to claim the last Playoff spot, but it was never going to be easy against the unbeaten league leaders. The opposing coach is a good lad and enjoys the fun side of BB, but after I beat him in the semi-finals last season I think he was extra motivated to beat me in this one! haha.

I lost the toss and the Necros received, their first dice roll(s) took out one of my Linemen straight away, but to be fair I more than held my own in the 1st half, took a few players out (a rarity with the Saints) and dodged away stalling the drive right up until turn 8 where a fortunate 1DBlitz opened up a gap for a Ghoul to dodge through and score. 1-0 down at halftime.

The 2nd half started and I was quite confident of scoring as the Saints' 'Passing play' skills are quite good, but to say things didn't go well would be a BIG understatement!. The Bloodweiser-babe I got with inducements must have been hot, im talking ridiculously hot, because my players couldn't wait to join her in the KO box! I had 7 in there at one point! EVERY blitz against me caused a KO at the very least, and I know ive moaned about my dice this season (a lot, I know) but TWICE I failed GFIs in scoring positions to not only not-score but to also injure two of my own players! Even with the Apos help I still suffered a -MA and NI, unreal... :lol: im laughing now but I wasn't at the time. Eventually with only 2 players left on the pitch I could keep the Necros at bay no more and they scored a 2nd TD late on. Game over.

My record with the Saints stands at W4 - D2 - L2 so its not been a terrible season and by some miracle I can still make the Playoffs if the Gobbo team below me in 5th place doesn't win their last game, though they're up against bottom of the league Humans, so im not holding my breath, but you never know.

Its been an eye opener of a season playing an AG team for the first time and the passing plays that have come off have been pretty cool, but im a bash coach at heart so season 3 will see me coach Chaos Dwarfs for the first time, looking forward to it.

Cheers for reading!

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