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comprenensive list/comparison of games
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Author:  daloonieshaman [ Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: comprenensive list/comparison of games

Don't forget the ganddaddy of them all
Grav Ball
granted a futuristic miniatures figure sports game (since you included the other future sports games for completeness)
1982 FASA 6mm
Quite the complete one off game that had the prospect for ultimate advanced game that it will one day become.
ahh the memories it brings back
talk about original Roller Ball, Space Odesy 2001, A Clockwork Orange .....
Many 1000s of Traveller's players still speculate about the re-release of this game.

Author:  jdmofo [ Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: comprenensive list/comparison of games

I only have BB (natch) and Battleball which I bought to play with my 5 year old. Picked it up for £18 on ebay which is a steal if only for the great minis. They are fantastic for an MB game of that type.

There are some 'advanced' rules for Battleball that somebody came up with that I saw on BGG, makes it just about playable for grown ups. They can be summed up by saying 'you get to move 3 players per turn instead of one'. There are a couple of other tweaks but just that one makes it less of a game of luck. So it's just 80% luck instead of 100% :)

Battleball is fun though and not bad for a filler type game on a game night if you don't want a headache like Blood Bowl can induce...

Author:  faust_33 [ Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: comprenensive list/comparison of games

I'm still a fan of Blood Bowl and keep returning to it over the years. I played my first game with 3rd edition rules and didn't really like it. It took me a little while to come back around, but then I was hooked. Then I began hunting down copies of the game and minis on Ebay. Trying my best to paint them nicely. Even started a local tourney with a big group of friends. I know there are some flaws in the rules, but I really like the game with it warts and all. I think it will be really hard for anything else to replace the game for me.

I bought into a couple Dreadball Kickstarters and have played a few times, but it just hasn't hooked me. In comparison with Blood Bowl, I don't like how the positionals are locked down in the actions they can do. Your Thrower can't block and no one else can pick up the ball (yea I know, there are some exceptions). This is something I have found to be great in Blood Bowl. Like the time one of my big guys accidentally caught the ball and proceeded to walk it down to the end zone. Sometimes the only player open is somebody who shouldn't be able to catch the ball, but you give it a go because the games almost over or you are desperate. Maybe your thrower blitzes that lineman coming at him and makes a run for it. There seems to be a lot more options (which means more ways to strategize) in Blood Bowl.

The good things about Dreadball:
They have some nice looking minis and teams. Though again, I'm not too happy with the plastic they have used, as it's a pain to clean flash lines.
The board is slimmed down and the way you move injured players on a track to get them back in the game works nicely. Score tracking is interesting as it is tug-of-war style.
They have some cool star players.
Games are quick. They have far fewer players, so games are much faster and there is no need to reset the game after a drive. I think Blood Bowl could benefit from having a few less players on the pitch. I'm still meaning to give BB7s a try someday and see how fun that is. The reset idea I don't really care about, as it doesn't take that much time to setup again in our games and it's always fun to see what the next kick-off event is.
Teams seem well balanced. Probably a bit better balanced than BB, but I also feel they are more generic than BB overall.
Card play - the card play mechanic seems to integrate with the game pretty well.

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