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 Post subject: Amersfoort Amok VIII -VIP edition- july 9th 2017 NL
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:57 am 
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Hi all, you are invited to the 8th edition of the Amersfoort Amok.

The when and where:
-Sunday the 9th of july at the Boothill Saloon Amersfoort (non-smoking), the Netherlands
-Entrance fee will be 10 euro

The tournament:
-1.150.00 GPS
-3 matches, NAF sanctioned
-Swiss pairing

This tournament will be run according to the CRP ruleset with the following exceptions:
1) Underworld Slann and Chaos Pact are additionally allowed.
2) Human catchers cost 60k
3) When a player is sent off, a coach can Argue the call. Roll a d6. On a 6 the arguing was successful and the sent off player is put in the reserves box. It's still a turnover. On a 1 the head coach is also sent off. This means no more arguing for the rest of the game and if a brilliant coaching kick-off event happens, you suffer a -1 penalty.
4) Trees on the Halfling teams gain the Timber skill. Each teammate standing next to the tree and not in an enemy tackle zone gives you a +1 on the roll to stand up. A roll of 1 is still a failure.
5) Piling On is allowed and will not cost a team reroll to use.
6) Nurgle teams can hire: Guffle Pusmaw (Star Player) 5349, 210k (not 110k, see errata), Loner, FA, Monstrous Mouth (cannot be stripped and gets the catch skill), Nurgle’s Rot

The following inducements are allowed: Wizard, Master Chef, Bloodweiser Babes, Bribes, Mercenaries, Star Players (you need a minimum of 11 players before you can add a star player to your roster).
Goblin coaches can add up to 3 bribes for 50K each. Halflings are allowed a Master Chef for 100K.

-3 chosen skills before the first match and after match 1 and 2. After the 1st match 1 of these skills may be a double. Stacking is allowed!

The points:
-win 15pts, draw 6pts, loss 0pts.
-TD’s and casualties made add a max of 3 pts each (max 5 together)
-Tiebreakers in the following order: net TD’s - net cas - TD’s made - cas made

NEW! VIP-scoring:
At the start of the match each coach randomly assigns a VIP (Very Interesting Player) in his team. SPP this player makes during this match are noted on the resultsheet. If you cas your opponent's VIP you get 5 points. If your VIP makes a cas on the opponent's VIP you get 8 points. There will be special prize for the player who ends the tournament with the most VIP points

-As tradition dictates the winner wil receive the “Amersfoortse Kei” fashioned in the style of the latest winner’s race (Lizardmen) and of course a NAF throphy, other prizes will also be there but depend on the number of coaches attending.

The timetable:
09.00-10.00 registration
10.00-12.30 1st game
12.30-13.00 lunch (the diner next door serves out great burgers at the tournament location)
13.00-15.15 2nd game
15.15-17.30 3rd game
17.30-18.00 Prizes and shaking hands

Both coaches are responsible for finishing their game in time. The organisation will keep you informed about the time schedule during the round. Games that are not over when the round is due will be stopped by the tournament organisation. In this case the players have to agree on a final result.

Most likely afterwards we will be having dinner at some restaurant nearby, ofcourse everybody can join us if he/she wants. We will figure out where on the day itself.

Boothill Saloon
Krankeledenstraat 12-16
3811 BN Amersfoort

It’s about a 15 minute walk from the Amersfoort trainstation, the bus also will get you there in no time. Parking your car downtown will cost you, but is of course an option if you prefer it. However we can park at the Madhobbit location (de Amershof) for free, It is only a 5 minute walk from there to the Boothill Saloon.

Free car parking:
Snouckaertlaan 11
3811 MA Amersfoort

Parking is at the back of the building, we'll make sure the gate (slagboom) is unlocked.

Winners of previous editions:
I Miloquaser (Chaos Dwarves)
II Jelmer (Khemri)
III Bart (Dwarves)
IV Bart (Norse)
V Jonas (Dark Elves)
VI Sebastiaan (Orcs)
VII Sebastiaan (Lizardmen)

Please sign up by replying to this topic or by PM to me!!

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