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 Post subject: [France] Bowl des Cathim 5 January 13/14 2018
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:05 pm 

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Welcolm to Bowl de Cathim 5 !

[u] 5 years already! 5 years that the Cathîm exist, 5ans that the Bowl of Cathîm sublime! [/ U] [/ size]

And what better than an Olympic year to celebrate this strangely coinciding anniversary?
We had round challenges, atypical weather, discount starplayers and special cards.
This 5th edition will also have its own rule, but to this detail that it will be revealed to you only the morning of the tournament, after validation of the rosters, and announcement of the first round.
And yes, we have given you a pot of quality for this fifth year, which for me will count double, because it is with regrets, many emotions, that I announce my (certainly) last edition of the Bowl de Cathîm as organizer.
But let us pass to the rejoicing without any further delay, nor to pour into the misplaced sentimentalism.

Rules :

Tournaments in Resurrection format, all the dead, wounded, molested, disfigured, dismembered, put in patches return for the next game, home, the gods are clement!
The rules used are those of BB2016 Available on this link ... sFeb17.pdf
Except for:
No team reroll use to use the « Pilling on » skill
No special cards made in GW Wizards are allowed
No roster Khorn
Slaans are authorized
Starplayers who do not have the "Loner" skill, gain it!
ALL inducements are accepted, Halfling chef, Starplayers, Igor, bribes, local apothecaries, wizards, but not the special cards (neither the BB2016 nor the LRB6 or later cards)!
Tournament officialy NAF and CDF So do not forget to send us your NAF number
In order to promote biodiversity, 4 groups are considered to constitute the teams at TV 1100, with a maximum skill per player, and the same skill can not be awarded more than twice.

    "CHEATED" Teams
    Amazons, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Lizardmens, Undead, Dwarfs, Chaos Dwarves, Norse, Orcs, Skavens
    5 simple skills or 4 simples and 1 double

    "FAIR ENOUGH » Teams
    Humans, Pro Elves, High Elves, Slanns, Necromantics, Chaos Pact and Chaos
    6 skills of which 2 can be double

    «COME ON GUYS !» Teams
    Nurgle, Underworld, Vampires, Khemris, Bretonnians
    6 skills of which 3 can be double

    «SMALL BUT ... SMALL» Teams
    Goblins, Halflings and Ogres, and Skinks (Lizardmens without Saurus but Kroxigor accepted)
    7 skills of which 4 can be double

Your team composition will be checked by your opponent at the beginning of each round, in case of problem, do not hesitate to call organisators.


The tournament will take place on the weekend of [b] 13/14 January 2018 [/ b], in the party room of Feuguerolles-Bully (the same as the past years, for the faithful), close to the city of CAEN whose address and GPS coordinates :

1 Rue de la Place
14320 Feuguerolles-Bully
49.115017, -0.405727

There are car parks around to park without problems, and possibility of sleeping in the room for those who want it (in a different room of the evening games).

Hotels can be found close to the location.

Counting points
1000 points for the victory
300 points the draw
50 points the small defeat (1 TD of difference)
0 points the big defeat (2 TD of difference or more)
Bonus Points: 2 points the TD 1 points the injury (all wounds combined, except bite of teammate, whether goblin or servant)

Organization of the weekend

9h00: opening of the doors, reception and breakfast
10:00 - 12:30: Game 1
12.30 - 13.30: meal
13h30 - 16h00: Game 2
16h30 - 19h00: Game 3

9h00: breakfast
09:30 - 12:00: Game 4
12h00 - 13h00: meal
13h00 - 15h30: Game 5
16h00 - 16h30: awards ceremony

At the end of the tournament, and even if it's sad to talk about the end before we start, we will reward:

    The podium
    The Chatt'Lord © (more or less « lucky award »)
    The Déchatt'lord © (more or less « unlucky award »)
    Painter award
    The Audience Award (best opponent pusher in the audience)
    And the coveted "Prix Charly Marteau" (if you can call it a reward ...)


The registration fee is 42 €. You can settle here via Paypal ( (cb accepted without paypal account, do not forget to mention your nickname at the time of payment!)
Or by check to be sent to l 'Order of the Cathîm Fantasy Footbowl Club, at Franck Richard 168 rue Saint-Jean 14000 CAEN France.
Inscription includes lunch on Saturday lunch, Saturday evening and Sunday lunch, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, snacks, drinks at will ... The orgy of pittance ! As well as goodies.
The number of participants is limited to [b] 42 [/ b] coaches. Registration will only be recorded and validated upon receipt of payment.

Pre records on :

The deadline for sending payments is 5 January.
In case of withdrawal within the last 8 days (or after shopping have been made), no refund can be made.
First paid, first served. We have the possibility to sleep in the hall on Friday evening, but we will also be happy to welcome you to our homes (if there is not too much demand) if you want to arrive on Friday evening!

Now, coach, it’s up to you ! Come to us, come many, come to the Cathîm !!!

Feerikon, Gilko & Kaoragh

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