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 Post subject: Tilean Team Cup ITALY 19-20 MAY 2018
 Post Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:42 pm 

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Last year it was a wonderful event, i want the same thing for this year.

I invite all of you, to comeback in italy again or join for the first time an italian tournament so you can be part of one of best Italian Tournament.
All that you need to know is written in this site:


The ruleset will be the same of the 2018 Eurobowl (
with 4 player teams.
Timetable management
Coaches will be given a maximum allowance of 135 minutes per match: once said limit is reached,
the match will be stopped with the “Hands off the table!” approach. Should one or both coaches be
manifestly playing too slow, after the first 60 minutes the organizers will be able to impose the use
of a chess clock.
Coaches will be given the opportunity to reach an agreement regarding the use of a chess clock,
and/or of the same set of dice, before the match begins. Coaches are strongly encouraged to abide
by the rules of a gentlemen’s agreement – we’re here, first and foremost, to have fun, on both sides
of the pitch.
In any case, the time allowance for the match is non-negotiable: should a team’s captain fail to
communicate the collective result of his team to the organizers no later than 5 minutes after the
general countdown has been reached, both teams playing at the table in question will receive a 500
points penalty. The general countdown timer will be visible from any and all tables.
Tardiness/lateness management
A coach will be considered to be present at the table once both him and his pieces are physically at
the table. Delays of up to 15 minutes (counted using the general countdown timer) will not be
sanctioned, but the coach will have to apologize to his opponent at the very least.
Regarding delays between 15 and 30 minutes, the match will begin as usual, but from turn 3
onwards, and the coach that has been waiting for his opponent will be given a starting score of 1-0.
Delays of more than 30 minutes will result in no match being played: the final result will be 2-0 (2-
0) in favour of the coach that was present at the table on schedule.
Scoring system
Team scores will be calculated based on the sum of the results of each team’s members:
– Victory: 2 points
– Draw: 1 point
– Loss: 0 points
– Conceded match: -2 points (TDs 0-2, CAS 0-2)
Moreover, a team bonus will be applied, depending on the overall result of the team:
– Victory: 500 points
– Draw: 200 points
– Loss: 0 points
Should a team fail to send the rosters on time, they will suffer a 100 points penalty in the general
ranking. Should a team fail to send the rosters at all, they will suffer a 250 points penalty in the
general ranking.
In the case of equal scores between two or more teams, the following factors, in this order of
importance, will be used to calculate both individual and collective ranking scores:

– Straight-up match (to be used only if all teams in questions have played against each other, in
order to use an equal standard)
– (TD difference x3) + (CAS difference x2)
– TD difference
– CAS difference
– TDs
– CAS inflicted
– Draw lots
The tournament will shortly be NAF sanctioned.
– First, second and third place (teams);
– First, second and third place (single coaches);
– Most TDs (team)
– Most CAS (team)
– Best defense (team)
Should two or more teams have the same points, the combination of teams with the higher standing
in the general ranking will be awarded the prize in question.


Captains will be able to sign up their teams by sending an email to,
making sure to include the following details:
- Team’s name and logo;
- Name, surname, nickname and NAF number of all players of the team;
- Name and telephone number of the tea’s captain.

Total cost will be €160 per team: the sum includes tournament fees and the lunches of Saturday and
From April 20th, 2018, teams will be allowed to sign up only in twos, to prevent an odd final
The sign-up fee includes the following:
- Tournament fee;
- TTC gadget, Six Pistols edition (one per team’s member);
- Saturday 19th lunch;
- Sunday, 20th lunch.
The final date to sign up a team is going to be Monday, April 30th, 2017. The same deadline will
apply to the submission of all the team’s rosters: failure to comply will see the team sanctioned as
stated above.


The tournament will be held in the same venue that players will be housed in, and is the following:
Hotel Donatello, Via Gioacchino Rossini, 25, 40026 Imola (BO), Italy
BY PLANE: choose Bologna “Marconi” airport as your final destination, then use the airport’s
shuttle service to reach the main train station. Trains to Imola leave the station every 25 minutes,
and once players reach the city, the tournament’s staff will come and pick you up.


The cost for each person will be €30 per night, and includes breakfast. Reservations will be carried
out by the tournament’s organizers, therefore, the sooner teams tell us who wants to sleep there, and
for how many nights, the better. Please also let us know if you have any non-playing persons with
you, or if you need anything out of the ordinary when it comes to accommodations. For example,
should a player’s wife or significant other decide to come too, please let us know so we can book
one three-bed room and a two-bed one.


Players and teams will be able to pay the required sum through a bank transfer using the following
coordinates: account number IT 61 N 07601 05138 276639276640 , account holder’s name Maicol
Visani. Please specify “TTC 2018, [your team’s name here]” in the payment description.
Or you can pay using Paypal:
Or Postepay: 5333 1710 4891 7609 Visani Maicol

Guests are, of course, welcome

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