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 Post subject: Albion Coast League 7s Southampton UK
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:46 pm 
I'm Alan Partridge

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New Season of BB7s starts Monday 22nd January, and runs alternate mondays for the next 8 weeks.

630 onwards at
(It's not easy to find the first time, but is easy to find after that so make sure if you are meeting us there that you have my mobile number)

Its a short fun chaotic version of Blood Bowl (which of course is never usually fun or chaotic ;P)

A game should take an hour or so. (fewer players, smaller pitch, less turns and no rerolls all help with that) and as such we expect to play 2 games an evening.

The last week of the league will be 5th March for playoff semifinal and final

The rules are straight forward but I should clarify there's very little set in stone with regard to league play so we've adapted some tourney play and resurrection style play based on last season's experiences.

So far there's me Paul Clark Ben Saunders and Ali Brewin interested.

TEAM CREATION • Teams may be purchased using 600,000 GC. •

*There are NO available Inducments
• Teams may be selected from any of the 24 races
• In Sevens, a team may not have more than 11 players on the roster. A team will only field 7 players at a time.
• In addition, “Positional” players are rarer. You may take up to four positionals, but no more than 4. How you choose those 4 is up to you.
• Sevens teams are not very well-trained or reliable. You MAY NOT purchase team rerolls
*Fan Factor costs 20,000gp per point instead of 10,000gp
*Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders cost 50,000gp instead of 10,000gp
* One player may be designated as your captain before the first game, that player gains the Pro skill free of charge/spps (but it cant be given to a Big Guy)


GAME LENGTH BB Sevens matches are made up of two 6-turn halves, rather than the normal 8-turn halves used in Blood Bowl.

THE PITCH A special BB7s pitch is used. The pitch is divided into three six-square zones plus two one-square endzones lengthwise, for a total pitch size of 20 squares long by 11 squares wide.

THE SET-UP Seven players are set up per team, all behind their own Line of Scrimmage (LoS). One player is allowed in each wide zone per team, while a minimum of three players on each team must set up on their team’s LoS.

KICK-OFF The usual D6 and D8 are used to determine the direction of the kick. You may aim into no-man's land. NB A touchback only happens if the ball goes off the pitch or back over the KICKING team's LOS

7s Uses a modified kick-off table as follows - (changes titled in CAPS)

2D6 Result 2D6 Result
2 Get the Ref

3 Riot

4 DEFENSIVE SHIFT: All players on the kicking team are allowed to move one square. This is a free move and may be used to cross the Line of Scrimmage.

5 OFFENSIVE MOTION: The receiving team’s coach may reorganize his players (the new setup must still be a legal setup).

6 Cheering Fans

7 Changing Weather

8 Brilliant Coaching

9 Quick Snap:

10 CHARGE!: The kicking team’s coach chooses a number between zero and three. All players on the kicking team are moved directly forward this number of squares. This is a free move, ignores player movement and does not require activation or GFIs.

11 Throw A Rock

12 Pitch Invasion

Throwing the Ball

As an unprofessional league, Blood Bowl Sevens
players are not as athletic as their professional
counter parts. To represent this, all Blood Bowl
Sevens players must increase the range by one
category when they make a pass. This means a
Quick Pass counts as a Short Pass, a Short Pass
as a Long Pass, and a Long Pass as a Long Bomb.
Players may not attempt a Long Bomb at all as the
distance is just too great.


A coach may still buy an Apothecary for their team, but due to the fact Blood Bowl Sevens is an
unprofessional league, an apothecary usually amounts to little more than a fan on the side of
the pitch with a big bucket of water and the ‘lucky’ team sponge. Because of this an apothecary
will only work on the D6 roll of a 4.

MVPs will be awarded on a 1in3 roll as per normal BB rules


As players become more experienced there is a chance they will be noticed by a professional
major league team. When this happens there is little a coach can do as their best player is
poached on the promise of a huge salary, all the beer they can drink and a bevy of beautiful
women. It is little wonder that not many players refuse such an offer.
Every time you make a roll on the Star Player table you must make an additional roll to see if a
professional Blood Bowl team has drafted the player in question. Roll 1D6 and consult the table

SP Rolls Draft

2 Experienced 2+
3 Veteran 3+
4 Emerging Star 4+
5 Star Player 5+
6 Super Star 6+

We will use a slightly different Skill Up table
Skills will be gained at
5/10/25/50/75/100 SPPs

If the score equals or beats the score shown on the Draft column then the player has not yet
drawn the attention of a professional team and will continue playing for his Blood Bowl Sevens
team. If the roll is less than the score required then the player is drafted into the professional
Blood Bowl league and never seen by his Blood Bowl Sevens team again. You should remove
the player from your Roster and adjust your Team Rating accordingly.

Other points

Cash will be gained as usual, as will Fan Factor.

As this is a short fun league for just a few meet ups til Christmas we will treat players as if it was a resurrection style tournament, and cash need only be spent to replace players lost to the draft.

If you cannot afford to replace a player lost to the Draft then you may take a Journeyman as usual for the next game.

Any more for any more? Let me know

(its £3 a session, though there is talk of possible prize support going forward)

"People we have been given a gift, we have been given a role and that role's name is Blocknroll" - Nuffle Gave Blocknroll To You
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